Toronto man arrested on suspicion of drunk driving Month: April 2013

Month: April 2013

Toronto man arrested on suspicion of drunk driving

A man from Toronto is suspected of driving drunk and crashing a stolen vehicle into a tree. He is now facing a variety of charges, including charges for impaired driving. Police responded to a call from a resident who was concerned that there was a possible drunk driver in the neighborhood. Orillia Ontario Provincial Police officers located the suspected driver by Mississaga Street and saw him run through a red light. They then turned on their lights and followed the driver who did not pull over, reports Orillia Today. Finally, the driver crashed into a tree at the Mississaga Street and…

Three men arrested on gun and drug charges in Toronto

Officers from the Toronto Anti Violence Intervention Strategy Rapid Response Team were in the process of patrolling the area near Ardwick Boulevard in Toronto when they noticed a group of males. The events that ensued led to police allegedly seizing illegal drugs. When officers from the Rapid Response Team approached the group of males near Finch and Islington avenues, three of them fled. The police began to chase them and soon apprehended them at approximately 2:30 p.m. Police allegedly found a Browning 9mm handgun that was fully loaded. Police also claim to have seized drugs from the suspects. The men are…

Police arrest men accused of Ottawa-Toronto drug ring

Police apparently collected weapons and drugs after police tactical teams conducted drug raids in Ottawa over the course of four days. The police have arrested six people in conjunction with the raids, some of whom now face drug trafficking charges and charges related to the possession of illegal narcotics. Police had been working on the investigation for six months before they moved in for the raid. They focused on a group of individuals who travelled to Toronto until they returned to Ottawa. As a result of the raid, police found two guns, seven kilograms of cocaine, an unspecified amount of marijuana,…

Hamilton doctor may lose license after sexual assault

A doctor who was sentenced for sexual assault of two of his patients may now also lose his medical license. The Hamilton doctor was originally sentenced in 2011 to 16 months in jail after he was convicted of the serious criminal allegations. If the doctor is found to have "committed an act of professional misconduct by sexually abusing a patient," a discipline panel will revoke the physician's medical license. The disciplinary meeting is scheduled for May 22 and will be a one-day hearing. The doctor was found guilty of abusing two patients who were under anesthesia and of making a pornographic…

Multiple truck drivers in Toronto facing drug smuggling charges

According to authorities, there is a growing trend of truckers using their vehicles to help transport drugs into the Toronto area. At least 12 truckers from Toronto have been charged with drug trafficking within the last few years, marking a shift in how drugs are moved across the border. This has also raised questions, however, of just how involved or knowledgeable the truckers are of their cargo. According to the prosecutor who has handled the truck driver cases, the truckers who were charged with drug trafficking have been responsible for moving millions of dollars worth of cocaine with intended destinations inside of…

Mother, son arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Innisfil

It seems like something most Toronto mothers would do for their sons: after her son was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, his mother went to pick him up. Shortly after she arrived, however, police arrested her for impaired driving, too. According to police, the 27-year-old son was pulled over after he was allegedly speeding in Innisfil, at approximately 1 a.m. Investigators administered a roadside sobriety test, which they say he failed. Police arrested him for impaired driving and transported him to a police station near Toronto. When the man's mother came to get him from jail several hours later, the…

Drugs seized after police execute warrant, Toronto woman arrested

Two men and one woman were taken into custody recently after police conducted a search of two properties and allegedly found drugs. All three have appeared in Provincial Court and are facing drug charges related to the search and seizure. On March 23, police officers searched one residential property and one commercial property pursuant to a search warrant. The officers reportedly found and seized cocaine and methamphetamine, as well as cash and a weapon. All three individuals were charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. One of the men was also charged with a weapons charge. When police obtain a…

Man acquitted of drug charges due to inconsistent testimony

Due to the questionable testimony of the "road boss" of a police crew, an Ontario Superior Court Justice recently acquitted a man who was suspected of possessing 60 grams of illegal substances. The man was charged with possession of methamphetamine for the purpose of drug trafficking. The judge felt uncomfortable with the police officer's testimony due to inconsistencies between his account and other evidence in the case against the 27-year-old Ontario man, whose home was raided in March 2010 without a warrant. He was also concerned with potential constitutional violations as the six-person police crew entered the home without a search…


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