Convictions overturned due to new HIV rule Month: June 2013

Month: June 2013

Convictions overturned due to new HIV rule

Ontario's Supreme Court recently overturned a number of convictions regarding two men who tested positive for HIV. The men had been convicted of sexual assault, but the Supreme Court overturned these convictions based on a case a year prior and a clarification of rules regarding HIV disclosure by the Supreme Court. One man was convicted in 2009 on two charges of sexual assault when he did not disclose his HIV status. Another man was convicted in 2010 on five counts of aggravated sexual assault and another count of sexual assault when he had sexual relations with two women and did not…

Cornwall Task Force arrests 37 in marijuana ring

Local police agencies banded together to create a Regional Task Force, resulting in the arrest of 37 people throughout Ontario and other portions of Canada. These individuals face a variety of serious drug chargesincluding trafficking marijuana. The RCMP headed up this task force with their organized Crime team, but Cornwall, Akwesasne and Ontario Provincial Police were also involved. It also included CBSA and officers from the Ministry of Finance. The raid was entitled "Project O-TITAN" and originally targeted people who were suspected of smuggling in tobacco into the United States. However, the project then included targeting groups who were suspected of…

Police raid Dixon Road residences

Police raided several properties in an anti-gang sweep in Ontario on Toronto's Dixon Road. The pre-dawn raids resulted in the arrest of several individuals who are now facing charges related to trafficking in illegal narcoticsand other charges. In total, 43 people were arrested in one day. Of these 43, 19 were arrested in Toronto and nine were arrested in Windsor. The arrests were made under the anti-gang sweep called Project Traveller. In Toronto, most of the arrests occurred on Dixon Road, in the area between Kipling Avenue and Islington Avenue. Police claim that a violent gang called the Dixon Bloods or…

Crash leads to DUI charge

Police responded to a call to downtown Windsor after hearing of an accident in the area. In relation to the call, a woman has been charged with causing an accident because she was allegedly driving under the influence. The accident occurred at approximately 11 p.m. by Bruce Avenue and Elliott Street. According to police, a man of 18 years was heading north on Bruce Avenue in his Charger. Bruce Avenue is a one-way street. The man was getting close to Elliott Street when a Grand Am driven by the woman was heading the wrong way and collided with him. Police report…

Big raid in Belleville

Seven people are facing charges after a large drug bust in Belleville. The seven defendants, who all reside in Belleville, face drug charges that include the production of a controlled substance, possession of a prohibited weapon, possession for the purpose of trafficking and careless storage of ammunition. Belleville police raided three houses in the east end of Belleville. They seized a variety of weapons, drugs and cash. The raid consisted of 29 drug unit officers and an emergency response team. The group had warrants for three homes that were on Pine Street and Russel Street. The raid of the three houses occurred…

Man from Edmonton arrested after manhunt

Manitoba's Portage la Prairie RCMP arrested a man from the Edmonton area after conducting a manhunt to find him. The man is now facing serious criminal allegations of crimes that he is suspected of committing. Police have stated that they believe that the suspect was heading to Ontario in an attempt to confront his ex-fiancee. The man's former partner was fleeing the abusive relationship and was staying with family members in Ontario, following a thread of reported car thefts and subsequent manhunts. The woman reported to police that she was afraid the man was trying to find her to hurt her. Police…

40 pounds of cocaine seized from truck

Canada Border Services Agency are reported to have seized approximately 40 pounds of a substance believed to be cocaine from a truck driver. The illegal narcotics were allegedly seized at the Ambassador Bridge. The truck driver from Ontario is now facing drug charges related to the seizure. The search commenced after a tractor-trailer was referred for a secondary inspection. The drugs are said to have been found inside a duffel bag in the form of 19 1-kilo bricks. The officer in charge of the Windsor Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment said that the seizure prevented 38,000 half-gram portions of cocaine from being…

Toronto man facing sexual assault charges

The Peterborough-Lakefield police released information pertaining to an alleged sexual assault after a 22-year-old man made a report about an assault that had happened one to two years ago. According to the young man, the sexual assault was committed by a man from Toronto. This man is now facing sexual assault charges. According to the 22-year-old alleged victim, he was assaulted at a Peterborough home. He says that the sexual assault occurred sometime between November 2011 and December 2012. He accused a man that he knew from the Peterborough home of committing this crime. The man reported the incident on March 31,…


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