Nova Scotia man arrested for drunk driving Month: July 2013

Month: July 2013

Nova Scotia man arrested for drunk driving

A man from Nova Scotia was arrested after allegedly driving the wrong way on a one-way street and being intoxicated. The man faces drunk driving charges after he allegedly hit four cars. The accident occurred in the Victoria and Erie area at approximately 4:30 p.m. Another individual was driving behind a driver who he suspected of being impaired. According to the witness, the man was driving on sidewalks, driving the wrong way on a one-way street and swerving while driving. The witness put the vehicle in park when it stopped and removed the keys. Police then approached the driver who refused to…

Social Media and Identification Evidence: A New Pathway to Wrongful Conviction

With the proliferation of social media, be it Instagram or Facebook, and with the police increasing the use of social media and television when searching for a suspect, there is an enhanced risk that an eyewitness identification, in particular an eyewitness in-dock identification, may be unreliable or tainted. So in this digital age, where people share, post and re-post, photos and news items across the internet, and where people frequently consider themselves to be amateur detectives with the tool of Google at their fingertips [1], what is the Court's approach to eye-witness identification evidence? And why should you care? One of…

Toronto rejects idea of injection site

Even though Toronto's board of health publicly endorsed supervised injection sites, the province said that it is not interested, according to the health minister. In 2011, Insite won a case in the Supreme Court, making it Canada's only sanctioned supervised injection site. Public sentiment was that the victory would lead to similar models throughout Canada, but this did not come into fruition. The idea behind supervised injection sites is to prevent people from accruing drug charges because of their addictions. Supervised injection sites allow hard addicts to have a safe and clean place where they can use drugs. They're meant to help…

Ontario woman charged with sexual assault

A woman in Barrie who is living with HIV is in the process of being tried for having sex with three different men without informing them of her HIV status. She has been charged with aggravated sexual assault, which is a serious offence in the Criminal Code that holds a potential for several years in prison and a lifetime designation as a sex offender. However, the woman's case brings up several considerations. A Supreme Court of Canada case in the fall of 2012 opened up the door for people who have HIV to be charged with sexual assault, even if it's…

RCMP searching for drug trafficking suspects

RCMP is searching for clues after drugs were found in an Ontario airport restroom. RCMP suspects that a drug trafficking ring is behind the find that Canada Border Services Agency officers discovered in Mississauga. The border services officers observed packages that they thought were suspicious while they were at Terminal 3. The packages were in the CBSA Primary Inspection Hall men's restroom at Pearson International Airport on June 17. There was an overhang shelf area that was over the stalls in the bathroom, and officers located the packages there. The packages were wrapped with tape that was colored white and orange. A…

Ontario man beats DUI charge

A man from Ontario got out of a criminal conviction due to his acid reflux. The man was charged with driving under the influence in relation to an incident on August 20, 2010 in Mono. The man was stopped as part of a RIDE program at the time. Police accused the man of having more alcohol in his system than the legal limit permitted. The man admitted that he had three glasses of wine during the course of three hours at a wedding. However, the man suffers from gastroesophageal reflux disease. He said that his acid reflux was made worse by consuming…

Man apprehended after manhunt

A woman and girl reported that they were attacked in Toronto by a man who held them up at knife point. The woman and the girl both said that they were victims of sexual assault. The woman who made the report is in her 20s. The attack occurred in her residence near Coxwell Avenue and Gerrard Street East. She said that the man forced his way into her home and then sexually assaulted her. The woman said that the man then sexually assaulted a young girl who was in the same home. The woman also said that the man stole some…

Ottawa drug bust results in 3 taken into custody

The Ottawa Police Tactical Unit conducted a search at the 1500 block of Riverside Drive in Ottawa pursuant to a search warrant on June 26. The search resulted in three people being taken into custody, and they are facing charges related to illegal narcotics. The investigation began in May 2013, when the Ottawa Police Street Crime Unit was looking into the sale of drugs in the eastern part of the city. Investigators reportedly looked into a supplier and allegedly made controlled purchases from him for six weeks. The search warrant was made for his home, and drugs and related items were…


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