Does murder suspect’s lie make all her testimony suspect? Month: April 2014

Month: April 2014

Does murder suspect’s lie make all her testimony suspect?

What would you do if police held you in an interrogation room for four hours following the death of your mother and the near death of your father? Most people would have no idea, as they simply can't fathom what that situation would be like. Although some people may say that they would be calm, collected and keep their wits about them, it may be easier to say than do. Perhaps it is that combination of stressors that led a then-23-year-old Markham woman to lie to police during her interrogation. The woman initially told police that strangers had broken into…

2 young men arrested in Hamilton on drug charges

When people read that someone has been arrested for drug trafficking, they likely think of police raiding a home or a warehouse filled with drugs. They probably picture police moving out hundreds of kilograms of cocaine, heroin or other serious drugs. What they probably don't think of are two young men being charged with trafficking illegal drugs after being caught with relatively few drugs. Unfortunately for two men from Hamilton, the Ontario Provincial Police have found just enough drugs to bring drug trafficking charges. The detective sergeant who spoke with the CBC has even admitted that the amount of drugs confiscated was…

Sex offender’s history, admissions makes his claims suspect

There is no denying the fact that sex crimes are horrific. The problem is, however, that many people see little difference in someone being charged with sexual assault and being convicted of sexual assault. Just being associated with some kind of sex crime, even if it is an accusation, is enough for many people to consider a defendant guilty. If that is true, just imagine how difficult it is for individuals to remain unbiased when it comes to someone who has previously admitted to committing sex crimes. While most people want nothing more than for the courts to lock away individuals who…

Manufacturer charged with producing controlled substances

Are synthetic drugs illegal? Health Canada and the police say they are, but the CEO of one of the biggest synthetic drug manufacturers says that none of the ingredients of his company's products are considered controlled substances. So, who is right? There is no real answer, but if the police and Health Canada have said the drugs are illegal, an individual could find him- or herself in serious trouble, even if the drugs are eventually considered legal. Even if a judge agrees with the CEO, synthetic drug producers may find themselves arrested and charged with drug charges. Producers will want to hire…

Convicting a defendant in the court of public opinion

Canadian law says that anyone accused of a crime will be considered innocent until he or she is proven guilty. Without this rule in place, it might be incredibly common for individuals to be convicted on the nature of the charges alone. The more repulsive, frightening or serious the crime, the harder it would be not to convict the individual. Fortunately for people in Toronto, the rule is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. The nature of sex crimes makes them immediately unpopular. There are very few people who are willing to stick up for people who have been charged with…

Marijuana manufacturer’s crop seized by law enforcement

As we discussed a few weeks ago, the federal medical marijuana laws have been changing, which has been quite confusing for both patients, as well as providers. It is not just patients who can get in trouble if they are not in strict compliance with the medical marijuana laws. If a grower, producer or manufacturer isn't following the letter of the law, the individuals involved in the business could face trafficking charges. The problem is, with the lack of clarity on just what is and what is not legal, it is increasingly difficult for patients and producers to comply with the…

Sexual assault, murder witness was on Skype during crime

In order for someone to be charged with and convicted of something as serious as sexual assault or murder, there must be sufficient credible evidence to support the conviction. And, in order for that evidence to be admitted into court, it must be lawfully gathered. Not only does this keep the criminal justice system fair for all Canadians, but it also protects against government intrusion into our affairs. Approximately three years ago, a York University student was raped and killed in her apartment while her ex-boyfriend was communicating with her by Skype. While it must certainly have been traumatic for him and…

Brampton athlete forgives police brutality

Although the name Orlando Bowen may not be on everyone's lips in the Greater Toronto Area, this Brampton resident was once a linebacker for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. His football career has since ended due to a concussion, a concussion he suffered after he says he was beaten police outside of a Mississauga night club. The football player had been standing near his car when two men approached him looking for drugs. When he said he didn't have any, one of the men took him by the arm. Though the football player was able to escape and ran down the street,…


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