Ontario and federal governments put pressure on drug rings Month: May 2014

Month: May 2014

Ontario and federal governments put pressure on drug rings

When police coordinate with other branches of law enforcement it is generally because of something quite serious. Whether it is because of violent crimes or the massive importing of drugs, various branches of law enforcement are under tremendous pressure to arrest, charge and help in the conviction of people. What this ultimately means, however, is individuals might get swept up who are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. While Ontario Provincial Police have recently revealed that they have arrested 12 people in connection with three separate drug rings, it is possible that some of the individuals arrested truly…

Paradox: having a ‘criminal’ record despite never being convicted

Though most people in Markham would worry if they were arrested by police, they might not think too much about consequences if they were released shortly thereafter and never charged with anything. The problem is, however, that just because an individual has not been charged with a crime does not mean that he or she does not have a criminal record. Unfortunately, there are a number of people listed on the 420,000-person RCMP's Canadian Police Information Centre database who either have been charged with criminal activity but the charges have been dropped or those who have never been charged at all.…

Ontario dry cleaner gets swept up in Rob Ford drug scandal

It may be a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but a dry cleaner is looking at a long wait before he can get his day in court on a handful of drug charges. Unfortunately for the Ontario dry cleaner, he has been wrapped up in the Rob Ford drug scandal, despite not knowing the mayor. The man's lawyer has said that his client will have to wait until April 2015 before he will be able to argue entrapment. The reason why the dry cleaner has found himself tied to the mayor is because of…

Police turn to the public to identify suspects on video footage

When security footage comes on the news, how often is it that anyone can actually make out a face clearly? The tapes are often blurry or pixelated, so it can be next to impossible to make a positive identification based off of security footage. And that is when a person is looking clearly at the security camera. If his or her face is turned away, it can be even more difficult. With that in mind, why then do police and news media insist on showing pictures or video from security footage in an attempt to find suspects? With the strict…

What impact would a drunk driving conviction have on sports star?

For Jonas Valanciunas of Toronto Raptors fame, a delay in his case for drinking and driving may give him more time to defend his case. Yet should he be convicted of driving over 80 it could have very serious consequences for his career. There is, of course, no guarantee that he will be convicted, but the risk of conviction should be enough to cause significant concern. According to reports, the 21-year-old basketball star was driving in Wasaga Beach when he went through a drive-thru window for a restaurant. In his car were open beer bottles. It is not entirely clear, however, how…

Police need sufficient evidence to link someone to heroin package

Though the Canada Border Services Agency discovered a backpack with 11 packages of heroin in it nearly one month ago, it seems the Peel Regional Police are still looking for a suspect. Even if they manage to find a suspect, to actually arrest an individual and make a case requires considerable evidence. Even more is necessary to support a conviction. If the Crown cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an individual trafficked the heroin into the country, a defendant cannot be convicted. This is incredibly important, as heroin trafficking (and trafficking of any Schedule I drug) is incredibly serious.…

Brampton realtor forced to give up licence because of charges

Though we often mention the noncriminal consequences of a conviction, we generally must talk in the abstract because the stories are about people battling charges or who have just been convicted. This week's story is about a realtor from Brampton who was charged with breaking and entering and theft who faced some very concrete consequences from the charges. Ultimately, the Crown withdrew the charges nearly one year after first charging him. For those who doubt the fallout of being charged with a crime, take the case of this 39-year-old realtor to heart. It is not entirely clear who alleged that he was…

Prosecutor notes that cocaine, oxycodone are highly addictive

For many people in the Greater Toronto Area, drugs and drug crimes are seen as something shameful done by individuals who have nothing better to do. What they often fail to realize, however, is that not everyone who uses drugs chose the lifestyle. Many drugs are highly addictive and some people may develop a dependency much more quickly than they could ever suspect, unwillingly pushing them into a risky lifestyle. In the recent trial of a young Toronto man convicted of cocaine trafficking, heroin possession, oxycodone trafficking and possession of property obtained by crime, the prosecutor made special note of the…

Toronto man arrested after police raid, find drugs and replicas

This blog often covers stories about individuals who are arrested on and charged with drug crimes, but that is not a monolithic charge -- there are many different charges that fall within the category of drug crimes. Sometimes even small differences in what police find in a raid is enough to enhance a charge. With drug penalties already quite high, having a sentence enhancement for something like being arrested with a weapon is certainly something to avoid. For a 29-year-old Toronto man who was recently arrested following a police raid of a home, the firearms charges that he is also facing…


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