Sexual assault trial of former radio host concludes Month: February 2016

Month: February 2016

Sexual assault trial of former radio host concludes

Most people in the Greater Toronto Area are likely aware of the sexual assault trial that recently concluded involving a former Canadian Broadcast Corp radio host. Based on the accusations of three women, he faced one count of choking and four counts of sexual assault. The judge who heard the case indicated he will deliver a verdict next month. One approach the man’s lawyer took in defending him is that his accusers withheld information from the police. His lawyer also asserted that at trial, the man’s accusers lied under oath. Testimony at trial by one of the alleged victims, as well…

Possible defences to domestic abuse charges

Domestic violence charges are one of many criminal charges someone who resides in the Greater Toronto Area might face. Depending on the situation it is possible the case could involve not only criminal charges but family court issues as well. Though an arrest for this crime can set off a series of consequences before a trial even occurs, a conviction is not a foregone conclusion. Accordingly, it is important that all in this situation take the matter seriously. The best way to do this is work with a criminal defence lawyer who is well versed in both systems. Depending on the…

Some juries view police differently than they once did

No two criminal trials are ever the same. This means that at each trial, a different defence will be offered and the outcome from trial-to-trial may vary. The reasons behind this are numerous but include the fact that each case has its own unique set of facts and surrounding circumstances. Depending on who the person facing the criminal charges is, it is possible the jury could be more prone to decide in favour of the accused based on his or her background. One group that may not be on the receiving end of the positivity it once had is law enforcement. According…

Man convicted of murder alleges judge committed legal error

In any criminal case there are certain procedures that must be followed. When the Crown, or the judge assigned to the case, fails to adhere to those procedures, the accused could use it as a basis to have the case thrown out, or in the case of conviction, the verdict tossed. A man who was recently convicted of murder is seeking the latter. The basis of the appeal is the Superior Court Justice who heard the case made a legal error when he used “static triers” during the course of jury selection, rather than the standard practice of replacing a trier every…

Supreme Court hears case regarding mandatory minimum sentencing

In earlier posts we have referenced the importance of building a defence to criminal charges if you face them. The reason for this is the impact the penalties tied to a conviction might have. A good example of this is the mandatory minimums that have been in place since 2012, regarding various crimes. The Supreme Court recently heard a case challenging the application of these laws in connection with a drug crime. The case involves a man who, in 2013, was found guilty of drug trafficking. When he was arrested, he was in possession of methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine. At that time,…

Man found not guilty of online harassment via Twitter

Last summer we wrote a post regarding trial that was taking place in Toronto. A man was charged with criminal harassment of two women who were considered political feminists. The harassment was allegedly committed via Twitter. He was accused of engaging in the activity for three months in 2012. At trial, the Crown pointed to multiple activities the man engaged in that the women thought constituted harassment. These activities included tweeting things at the women that were mean and insulting, and making lewd comments about the body of one of the women. He also called them each “bitch.” The focus of…


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