Ontario man charged with former girlfriend’s homicide Month: January 2018

Month: January 2018

Ontario man charged with former girlfriend’s homicide

The body of a 29-year-old Hamilton woman was recently found in a parking garage. The victim's 30-year-old former boyfriend, also an Ontario resident and the father of the her young daughter, is facing a  homicide charge. The second-degree murder charge comes after the woman's body was found inside her car, which police were looking for since her family reported her as missing. She is the first homicide victim in Hamilton this year. The parking garage where the woman's body was found was about 4 kms. from her apartment and in the area she was last spotted. Police said the victim and the accused, who…

Ontario high profile fraud case trial begins

The trial for a married Peterborough couple accused of using donation money earmarked for a special needs hockey team for their own personal use is underway. Both entered a not guilty plea in an Ontario Court of Justice to charges of fraud over $5,000. Each chose to have the trial with a judge alone rather than a jury. The pair apparently opened an account in the name of the team and were the only ones to have access to it. People could make online donations through an email account that also belonged to the couple, according to the lawyer for the Crown. Over a…

Ontario students charged with sexual assault, plead not guilty

Four Ontario males pleaded not guilty in court recently to allegedly attacking a female. The males were all in their teens at the time of the apparent sexual assault in 2016 as was the purported victim, who they all knew. The woman's sobriety has recently come under question, but a forensic toxicologist out of Toronto said the woman's urine and blood samples taken the day after show no evidence of alcohol. But when cross-examined, the toxicologist admitted he did not interview the woman or any potential witnesses to the woman's behaviour on the night of the alleged attack. However, the then 18-year-old allegedly told health care professionals she…

Former hostage faces a number of charges including sexual assault

A Canadian man who was held hostage in Afghanistan is facing numerous criminal charges. The 34-year-old who, along with his wife, was held against his will for five years, has been charged with a number of offenses, including sexual assault, uttering threats and unlawful confinement. Joshua Boyle and his American wife, who now live in Ontario, were set free recently after being abducted while backpacking. Their three kids were born while the couple was held captive. The family was freed this past October, and the offenses allegedly took place between Oct. 14 and Dec. 30, 2017. All told, Boyle is charged with…

Homicide unit looks into suspicious death in Toronto suburb

Police are investigating what looks like the suspicious death of a 28-year-old woman in an upscale suburb outside of Toronto. The York police homicide unit received a report that the woman had been killed. When they got to the scene, they found the woman dead. They have arrested a 27-year-old Ontario male in connection with her death. A neighbour said the woman was always pleasant and shared the home with two others. Another neighbour said he found it unsettling to wake up during the holiday to see a homicide unit van parked across the street from his home in Richmond Hill that he shares…


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