Criminal defence: Man guilty of drug dealing after 2 acquittals Month: August 2018

Month: August 2018

Criminal defence: Man guilty of drug dealing after 2 acquittals

A Leamington store owner was recently found guilty of drug trafficking after having been acquitted twice. The man, 54 years old, was found guilty by an Ontario Court Justice in Windsor. The OPP began looking into allegations the man was selling drugs to kids four years ago. Police began to watch the accused after having been acquitted for charges in the past. He was arrested again, and this time he may be facing time in prison after having been found guilty. During their search police confiscated more than $20,000 in cash. With regard to the man's first retrial, police also confiscated some drugs allegedly…

Ontario doctor must pay thousands of dollars over sexual assault

A still-practicing physician from Ontario has been ordered to pay nearly $700,000 in connection with a sexual assault for which he was found responsible last year. The Sarnia doctor was found liable in civil court of the 1999 sexual assault of a former colleague and friend and ordered to pay her $200,000 in damages. The doctor has also been ordered to pay prejudgment interest to the tune of more than $155,000, court costs of $325,000 and $15,000 in fees pertaining to his appeal. The doctor was not charged criminally for the incident since the victim did not notify police at the time.  The defendant…

Violent crime: Ontario medical marijuana dispensary robbed

An illegal medical marijuana dispensary was apparently the site of two thefts over a three-month period. Law enforcement authorities say that the London, Ontario dispensary, or the Downtown Relief Centre as it's known, was targeted recently by more than one suspect. Witnesses of the apparent violent crime said the suspects, who appeared to be armed, entered the shop at around 10 p.m. while some customers and employees were still there. When the cops arrived on the scene about 20 minutes later, they said the store was empty. Cops are being quiet about the number of suspects they're investigating; however, no one was injured…

Homicide victim laid to rest in Toronto

A 31-year-old woman who was the victim of a recent drive-by shooting in Toronto was laid to rest. The Ontario homicide victim actually just attended a funeral when she was gunned down while sitting in a parked car with three others. Police say that the suspect opened fire from a passing vehicle. The other occupants of the car occupied by the victim weren't hurt. The woman worked at a homeless shelter. Police don't believe, however, that she or any of the others in the vehicle were specifically targeted. The authorities released video footage of the incident, but no one has…


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