Bill C-51 and its Implications. Month: January 2019

Month: January 2019

Bill C-51 and its Implications.

What is Bill C-51?   According to the Government of Canada’s website it is, “Legislation introduced by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada on June 6, 2017 [that] reflects the Government of Canada’s ongoing commitment to ensure that Canada’s criminal justice system protects Canadians, holds offenders to account, shows compassion to victims, and upholds the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.” Advocates for those falsely accused of sex crimes have a different interpretation. While the Bill is meant to “ensure that victims of sexual assault and gender-based violence are treated with the utmost compassion and respect”, it…

New (and arguably absurd) drinking and driving offences.

By Joseph Neuberger and Christopher Assié Originally published by Lexus Nexis. (       The new amendments to the Criminal Code have changed the drinking and driving landscape significantly. Two changes are attracting particular attention due to their impacts on protected Charter rights and a serious potential for wrongful convictions. Arguably the most concerning amendment is the creation of a new offence — consuming too much alcohol or drugs after driving. Under s. 320.14(a) and (b), anyone with a blood alcohol concentration or blood drug concentration above the prescribed limits two hours after they have ceased driving is guilty…

The Advantage of Hiring a Domestic Assault Lawyer

Life has a habit of throwing you curves. There can be situations where, in a million years, you would have never expected that you would need to hire a criminal defence lawyer. Domestic abuse allegations are very serious and can have dire consequences for the person accused of family relations, including custody and access to children. In Ontario, there are mandatory charge polices that result in a charge or charges being laid with only the statement of the complainant to substantiate the allegations. The person who is accused of such an offence has his or her life turned upside down…


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