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A conviction on possession of heroin or doda, a dried and crushed form of the poppy plant, could result in jail and other unexpected consequences. If you are facing heroin or doda possession charges, it is in your interests to take advantage of your right to legal counsel.

Our lawyers at the Toronto law firm of Neuberger & Partners LLP offer dependable and knowledgeable counsel in drug possession cases in Ontario and throughout Canada. Since 1992, we have dedicated ourselves to successfully* defending clients and helping those charged with drug possession obtain the best possible outcome.

Doda — As Serious as Heroin

While laws regarding heroin and the punishments associated with a conviction for possession are well established, the consequences of a doda conviction can also be significant. Doda is made by drying poppy plants and thus creating an opiate in powder form. The police and the Crown treat doda cases very seriously, with judges sentencing people to jail.

Harsh Penalties for Heroin Possession

The penalties for heroin possession are generally much stiffer than those for marijuana and cocaine convictions. You can be incarcerated for being in possession of even a small amount of heroin; a conviction for possession of ounces could result in a long jail sentence.

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