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Strong Defence Against Impaired Driving by Drugs Charges in Ontario

It is a criminal offence to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs. These charges are usually documented by means of standardized field sobriety tests taken at the roadside under the observation of a police officer, who is usually a drug recognition expert. This may include a “Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus” test in which the officer examines the person’s eyes as he or she follows an object side to side. Other tests include the “Walk and Turn” test or the “One-Legged Stand” test. Each test allows the drug recognition expert to examine the person’s ability to perform physical tasks with divided attention.

These tests are not perfect indicators of the presence of drugs, and have proven error rates. At the Ontario law firm of Neuberger & Partners LLP, we have considerable experience cross-examining police officers on these tests, and can provide highly effective representation at trial if you are charged with the impaired driving offence(often called operation of a motor vehicle under the influence of a drug).

We are known as a highly-experienced criminal defence firm in Ontario. Our Toronto impaired driving by drugs lawyers have the knowledge and experience to provide thorough defence against all impaired driving, or drinking and driving, charges. To learn more about our experience, view our recent successes.*

Defence Against Impaired Driving Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance

You can be charged with impaired driving by drugs if you have been taking any controlled substance such as cocaine or marijuana (marihuana), or if you have taken any prescription drugs that impair your ability to operate a vehicle. Our criminal defence lawyers will attack the validity of the charges on all levels, from the initial stop and the field sobriety tests to the credibility of the arresting officer. We will exhaust all avenues to seek a dismissal of your charges or to minimize the consequences of any conviction.

Milton Field Sobriety Tests Law Firm in Toronto

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