Neuberger & Partners LLP —A Heritage Of Top-Quality Criminal Defence

Neuberger & Partners LLP is one of Canada’s high-profile criminal defence law firms. Based in Toronto, our lawyers have fought thousands of criminal cases throughout the GTA, Ontario, and in jurisdictions across Canada since 1993. We have represented both everyday individuals and high-profile clients. Yet, we treat each new case — from simple to complex — with the same dedication and seriousness.

Quality Is Our Foundation

From the start, our sole focus has been on providing high-calibre defence to clients facing charges of a criminal, quasi-criminal and regulatory nature. As law firms proliferated over the decades, our legal team has continued to maintain top-quality legal representation as the bedrock of our practice.

Behind every case, we see not only facts and law, but a life and a future at risk. Understanding the gravity of our clients’ situations, we take a sophisticated and comprehensive approach to defending their rights.

Backed by years of experience as trial lawyers, we have seen the tremendous value and tangible results that come from:

  • Detailed, up-front case preparation
  • Sharing of knowledge within our legal team
  • Collaboration with complementary professionals as expert witnesses
  • Thorough client and witness preparation

Recognized Leadership In Criminal Law

Over the years, our firm has built a solid reputation as a high-profile criminal defence law firm. Our founder, Joseph Neuberger holds a Masters of Law in Criminal Law and is one of the few lawyers to hold the designation as a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

He is also a prolific writer, speaker and media figure. His perspectives and insights on criminal investigations are often sought in newspapers, radio, television and also by medical and teaching authorities.

He continues to dedicate his time, knowledge and experience to dispersing knowledge about criminal law and to advancing the cause of justice. The entire team at Neuberger & Partners LLP follow his leadership in providing high-quality legal representation to our clients.

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