Fighting Charges For Sex Crimes & Domestic Offences

Sexual assault cases are as varied on issues as there are cases in the system. These cases can be based on historical allegations, allegations arising from domestic or intrapersonal relations (dating, office, etc.), or can arise from misidentification. We have defended very high-profile and complex cases at all levels of court. Each case has its own particular facts, and to each person accused of this type of offence, the defence is extremely important. Sexual assault cases typically benefit from extensive pretrial investigation and preparation and, when possible, litigation before juries.

Joseph A. Neuberger, the head of the domestic and sexual assault defence team of Neuberger & Partners LLP is regarded in the profession and by the courts as a highly-experienced and skilled defence lawyer in Ontario. The expertise and experience developed by years of dedicated, creative and successful work on behalf of the clients of the firm has uniquely positioned Joseph Neuberger and the lawyers at Neuberger & Partners LLP as a high-profile law firm in defending sexual crimes, domestic-related crimes and other violent crimes.

The lawyers at Neuberger & Partners LLP engage other resources to assist in order to successfully defend cases. We work with private investigators, forensic experts, and technology and social-media experts to develop strong defences. In domestic-related cases, whether they are sexual assault, assault, criminal harassment or threaten death allegations that may arise from a relationship, or an acrimonious separation and divorce proceeding, Joseph Neuberger and the team at Neuberger & Partners LLP have extensive experience in working with family law counsel for our clients and carefully reviewing all evidence and documents in the family court proceedings or child protection proceedings in order to amass important defence evidence to utilize in the defence and in the cross-examination of the complainant or complainants.

Joseph Neuberger can refer clients to family law lawyers who are experienced with high conflict divorces where special expertise is required to fend off false or misleading allegations, and then we are able to work with family law counsel to develop a comprehensive approach to protecting and thus defending our clients. Any criminal charge changes someone’s life in a profound way and causes extreme stress and emotional harm. We understand this and we work with our clients to provide not just strong defences to criminal charges but also to help provide a support system for our clients to help them through some of the most traumatic times in their lives.

Joseph Neuberger has provided sophisticated and successful defences in many high profile cases. These cases include murder and high profile cases of sexual assault, domestic assault, internet luring and other complex violent crimes. Joseph Neuberger has spent years working to develop defence techniques to expose false allegations and to seek justice for his clients. If you are facing serious criminal allegations, then you are in need of sound legal representation that is based on years of effective representation of clients just like you. If your future is at risk, then you need representation from lawyers who are truly regarded by the profession and courts as experienced lawyers in the criminal justice system.

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Thorough Representation Against All Domestic Assault Charges

The Toronto criminal lawyers at Neuberger & Partners LLP understand that violent offences arising within a domestic context by necessity involve unique issues, such as ongoing family law disputes, high emotions and the effects on other parties (i.e., children, parents, siblings). These cases may require the use of secondary sources of material family law documents, witness interviews, and medical and related documentation as a means to construct successful cross-examinations.

In all cases involving violent crimes, a comprehensive knowledge of legal and evidentiary procedures is necessary in order to fully and properly defend a client. Our lawyers are Highly skilled in cross-examining witnesses and presenting solid legal arguments before the court and members of the jury. We take a multidisciplinary approach, working closely with experts in a range of fields, from forensic experts to psychologists, in order to develop our clients’ defence and assist with their own testimony. Often we will engage private investigators to re-interview witnesses, to seek out new witnesses or to gather important defence evidence in order to provide a comprehensive defence for our clients.

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