Crowded Ontario courts: Many charges for violent crimes withdrawn Category: violent crimes

Category: violent crimes

Crowded Ontario courts: Many charges for violent crimes withdrawn

In Ontario, nearly half of all criminal charges are withdrawn before trial. This rate outpaces every other part of Canada. A recent report suggests that screening police charges to assess whether they are frivolous charges or involve truly Violent Crimes could be the solution to this large number of withdrawals and long waits for trail across Ontario. Violent crimes as serious as murder have been thrown out by the Supreme Court on dozens of occasions simply due to delays exceeding time limits. Meanwhile, criminology research shows that close to half of all charges brought against Ontario citizens do not even make it…

Cafe explosion may be linked to other violent crimes in Ontario

Organized crime activity in Toronto and the surrounding area has returned to the news following a bombing at Caffé Corretto. Police believe the explosion may be linked to other shootings and incidents at the residences of former and suspected mob members in Southern Ontario. They are investigating any possible ties between this explosion and other recent Violent Crimes This is not the first run-in law enforcement has had with Caffé Corretto. In Jan. 2006, the café was part of an illegal gaming sting by Toronto and York Region Police. Authorities say the sweep, named Project Oeider, resulted in the seizure of…

Man turns self in after warrant issued for violent crimes

Without knowing the full details of an alleged crime, it can be difficult to understand what truly transpired. As an example, a case in Toronto recently came to light of a man who may simply have been a minor nuisance to a co-worker. As matters stand now, however, the police are involved and a man faces charges for violent crimes. The trouble allegedly began innocently enough back in Dec. 2014. A young woman reported one of her male co-workers began giving her attention she did not want. She informed him that she did not wish his attention, but the man allegedly…

Serious criminal allegations pile up for man after gun is fired

Fleeing the scene of a crime, whether one is guilty or not, is never a good idea. Unfortunately, it is a natural human reaction, but the implications are not good. It is possible a Toronto man may have made his situation worse when he chose to leave the scene after a weapon was fired near a crowd. Police later arrested him, and he faces many serious criminal allegations. The incident took place in a Scarborough parking lot on Jan. 28. A crowd had gathered near the intersection of Nugget and McCowan for a late-night event. At around 2:30 a.m., an individual apparently…

East GTA man facing charges for violent crimes after bus incident

Many people have, at one time or another, acted out of character and regretted it later. Most often, the incident is soon forgotten, and the instigator moves on with his or her life. However, when the incident escalates to the point where law enforcement officers are called to intervene, it's not so easy to just walk away. A man from the easternmost part of the Greater Toronto Area has recently learned that after an alleged altercation on public transit led to charges for violent crimes. During the afternoon of March 21, a young man was found to have passed out on…

Toronto man arrested for violent crimes after nightclub incident

There is something about a night out at a loud and crowded social venue that can bring out the worst in some people. Perhaps that is what happened at an east GTA nightclub recently when a fight broke out between two late night revellers . In the aftermath of the fight, a single person now faces charges for violent crimes after allegedly discharging a gun. The incident took place on March 25 at a nightclub about 30 minutes east of Toronto. Just before 2 a.m., two men were removed from the Music Hall on King Street East in downtown Oshawa after the pair got into a…

Four Toronto teens arrested for alleged violent crimes

When law enforcement accuses individuals in Toronto of crimes, the suspects have some basic rights. One of those is the presumption of innocence until proved guilty in a court of law. Four men who were captured in connection with violent crimes that involved a shooting incident in Toronto on Dec. 31 will likely be exploring their defence options. The Youth Criminal Justice Act protects the identities of two of them who were minors of ages 16 and 17 years. According to the Toronto Police Service, three men allegedly unlawfully entered an apartment on the early morning of Dec. 31. According to the…

Woman charged with slew of violent crimes after altercation

Relationships sometimes bring out the worst in people, even after they're over. When tempers flare, altercations can occur and may even turn violent. That could be what happened after an east Toronto confrontation allegedly turned ugly, and a woman found herself facing numerous charges for violent crimes. On Jan. 11, Toronto Police were called to a home in Scarborough to investigate a report of a stabbing. Upon arrival, officers found a woman and a man, both of whom had suffered injuries. The pair reported that the man's ex-girlfriend had confronted him at the home, after which a fight broke out. The woman…

Multiple violent crimes charges as man accused of shooting driver

When tempers flare, rash decisions often follow. Downtown Toronto was the scene of an accidental shooting this past spring, a direct result of one such decision. A west GTA man finds himself charged with several violent crimes after a late night argument got out of hand, and an unlucky bystander was injured. The incident took place on April 25, 2016 near Dundas Street West and Euclid Avenue. A group of people was engaged in an argument around 12:30 a.m. when one man allegedly drew a gun on the group. He apparently fired the weapon toward the group but missed all of them. The bullet did…

Man convicted of murder alleges judge committed legal error

In any criminal case there are certain procedures that must be followed. When the Crown, or the judge assigned to the case, fails to adhere to those procedures, the accused could use it as a basis to have the case thrown out, or in the case of conviction, the verdict tossed. A man who was recently convicted of murder is seeking the latter. The basis of the appeal is the Superior Court Justice who heard the case made a legal error when he used “static triers” during the course of jury selection, rather than the standard practice of replacing a trier every…


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