11 men arrested in Ontario drug trafficking sting Category: Drug Trafficking

Category: Drug Trafficking

11 men arrested in Ontario drug trafficking sting

Ontario police officers have been cracking down on alleged gang activity in the Greater Toronto Area. Concerned with drug trafficking and other criminal activities, police officers have arrested 11 residents of York Region. These men were caught up in a sting in which police across Ontario laid 485 charges on 90 men and women. The men are alleged to be part of a widespread criminal organization which centred around drug trafficking. Six of them hail from Richmond Hill, while the others are from Thornhill, Vaughan, and Markham. If found guilty, they could face serious penalties. Police note that along with drug trafficking,…

Pair of Toronto men face allegations of drug and weapons crimes

Police officers sometimes throw charges around like a chef throws pasta against the wall; they both just want to see what sticks. Unlike good spaghetti, however, serious criminal allegations are very unappetizing. Two men who can attest to that were arrested recently in north Toronto. On May 3, Toronto Police executed a search warrant at a home near Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue. During the search, officers seized a quantity of drugs found on the premises. The police allegedly found 134 Alprazolam pills, 36 grams of cocaine and 150 grams of marijuana. Alprazolam is a drug employed to treat certain anxiety disorders. During the search, the…

Border agents arrested for allegedly importing illegal substances

Drug charges come in many different forms and in varying degrees of severity. Charges for importing drugs are among the most severe, and an accusation of such should be of great concern to an individual. For someone whose job it is to prevent illegal drugs from entering the country, a charge of importing illegal substances may be personally devastating. Two border agents working at Toronto's Pearson International Airport face accusations that could tarnish their reputations and ruin their careers. Capping off a year-long investigation, RCMP officers made a series of arrests recently. Police arrested five men, including two Canadian Border Services Agency employees. They…

RIDE check leads to drug trafficking charges outside Toronto

Like a fishing trawler dragging a net, sometimes a police stop catches more than was originally intended. For anyone caught, it may seem like an unfair situation. An Ontario Provincial Police RIDE stop near Cambridge recently landed a car full of unwitting people who are now facing drug trafficking charges. On April 20, OPP officers conducting a RIDE check pulled over a vehicle at 12:56 a.m. on the ramp from Highway 24 to the 401. The driver of the vehicle entered the check stop as directed, but fled the scene without coming to a stop. Officers intercepted the vehicle further down the highway…

Police charge 2 men and a woman with drug trafficking and more

When police make an arrest and there is an apparent abundance of physical evidence, it is an alarming turn of events for the accused. However, all suspects are presumed innocent unless proved otherwise; this is an important fact to remember during the aftermath of an arrest. Physical evidence abounded when two men and a woman were arrested in Toronto recently, and the trio now face various weapons and drug trafficking charges. As part of an ongoing investigation in Peel Region and the Greater Toronto Area, officers followed up a lead into alleged cocaine trafficking in the area on April 4. A 38-year-old Mississauga…

Drug trafficking charges followed up a recent fentanyl overdose

Courts in Ontario treat any drug offences as serious crimes. Regardless of the severity of the charges, be it possession of a small amount of marijuana or drug trafficking of large amounts of illegal substances, penalties may be steep if a person is convicted. Having an experienced criminal defence lawyer on one’s side can help ensure that any accused individual proceeds with the best possible defense strategy. Police arrested a 46-year-old woman on a recent Saturday evening. They charged her with fentanyl trafficking, possession of criminally obtained property and causing bodily harm to another individual. This followed the response of police and…

Ontario man arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking

Simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time can spell trouble on occasion. That's may be what happened to a southern Ontario man after police took an interest in him as he made a late night trip to a convenience store. He now faces multiple charges for alleged drug trafficking. At around 3 a.m. on Feb. 28, a Niagara Regional Police officer, following up on an earlier traffic complaint of an unspecified nature, decided to investigate a man spotted at a convenience store in St. Catharines. Evidently, the vehicle he was driving matched the description given previously. The officer…

Drug trafficking charges laid following dispensary raid

The buying and selling of medical marijuana continues to be a source of legal headaches in Ontario. There does exist a certain degree of confusion surrounding the manufacture and distribution of the product, and this has led to many raids and arrests of seemingly legitimate businesses in this province. The latest happened just this month and left a man facing several charges, including drug trafficking. On Feb. 14, Halton Regional Police officers entered the premises of a business in Burlington and executed a search warrant. The proprietor of the business was evidently licensed to sell medical marijuana. It is alleged, however, that…

Toronto Police raids lead to drug trafficking, weapons charges

When a man or woman is swept up in the net of a major police action, what he or she does next may be crucial to the outcome. High-profile raids and arrests are intimidating, and many may feel they have no chance of being defended. Perhaps that was weighing on the minds of three people recently arrested by Toronto Police for drug trafficking and other alleged crimes. The arrest came following a series of search warrant executions carried out by officers from the Gun and Gangs Task Force on Jan. 24. Five warrants were acted upon, including three on residences and two on…

Dozens of criminal charges laid after seizure of guns and drugs

When it comes to guns and drugs, the law seldom treads lightly. Any men or women facing criminal charges for committing crimes in this arena will likely have the fight of their lives on their hands when they go to trial. That will no doubt be the case for a group of young adults recently arrested in Toronto. Toronto Police executed five search warrants on Jan. 15 at locations in the downtown core and the north end of the city. The officers, all with the Integrated Gun and Gang Task Force, seized large quantities of drugs, weapons, and cash during the raids. In…


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