Recreational cannabis will pose new challenges for law enforcement Category: Drug Manufacturing & Cultivation

Category: Drug Manufacturing & Cultivation

Recreational cannabis will pose new challenges for law enforcement

The legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada has raised various questions about how law enforcement will deal with a likely increase in impaired driving charges. If we want to know what the future might have in store,, we can look at the State of Colorado which legalized recreational marijuana approximately four years ago. In Colorado, the rate of impaired driving under the influence of cannabis has dramatically increased. In fact, since legalization more than 20% of drivers involved in fatal traffic accidents tested positive for cannabis. [i] When more than 150,000 cannabis users in Colorado were surveyed, almost 70% admitted…

Parkdale pair arrested for arson, suspected of producing drugs

There are times when the best of plans can go horribly wrong. Perhaps that was the case just before a large explosion in a Toronto apartment building recently. Following the blast, two people, who were allegedly producing drugs, were arrested and now have to deal with injuries and legal problems. The incident happened on Feb. 18, in a 19th floor apartment of a building near Lansdowne Avenue and Queen Street West. The explosion was triggered at about 3:30 p.m., and sent debris flying through the area. Emergency crews arrived at the scene and police interviewed two people who were identified as…

Qualified legal representation a necessity if facing drug charges

While the attitudes many have regarding the use of marijuana the production and use of the drug are softening, in Ontario, the cultivation and use is still illegal. Most people are likely aware that being charged with growing a large amount of marijuana could result in harsh penalties if one is convicted. Fewer people may be aware however that the consequences can be similarly severe if someone is found guilty of growing even a small amount. While some consequences for those found guilty of the crime—such as incarceration and fines—are well known, others are not as obvious. For example, as a…

In some situations manufacture and sale of legal drugs illegal

When most people think about drugs that are trafficked throughout the Toronto area the first thing that likely comes to mind is street drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin and crack. While law enforcement agencies do go after people accused of dealing these types of drugs, there are other types that are considered illegal as well. Recently officers from several Toronto-area police forces made a drug bust in which seven people were arrested. The drug that was seized in “Project Ice Castle,” the investigation that started in November 2014, was ketamine. Approved for use on animals and in some cases…

Distinction between edible and dry cannabis at issue in Supreme Court case

The Supreme Court of Canada is currently considering arguments about whether the regulation of medical marijuana -- specifically, edible cannabis products -- is arbitrary and unconstitutional. The case before the high court follows the acquittal of a British Columbia man who was charged with marijuana possession and marijuana trafficking. In 2009, police found edible marijuana products in his apartment. Those products reportedly included cannabis-infused olive oil and grapeseed oil and marijuana cookies. Federal law allows for patients with medical marijuana prescriptions to smoke dried marijuana, but you can face drug possession and trafficking charges for making or distributing edible cannabis…

Charged with conspiracy to commit a drug crime? Know your defence options

Often people who find themselves charged with conspiracy in Ontario never thought they were "conspiring" to do anything. However, in legal terms, conspiracy occurs when two or more individuals agree together to commit a crime. In many cases, conspiracy charges are levelled in addition to other charges, which could include anything from embezzlement to drug importation. Most of the time, though, conspiracy charges are linked to drug crimes. If you have been charged with conspiracy to possess, produce, traffic or import drugs, then it is extremely important that you seek counsel from an experienced conspiracy defence lawyer. Being convicted of…

Stakes are high for defendants in meth lab cases

The production of methamphetamine is increasingly seen by prosecutors, judges and the general community as a public health issue, and judges are under significant pressure to "send a message" when sentencing people to jail for manufacturing or trafficking meth. Because the household chemicals used in many meth labs can be extremely volatile, fires and explosions sometimes result, and defendants find themselves accused of property-related offences in addition to drug offences. From a criminal defence perspective, these cases require a comprehensive approach, as the penalties upon conviction could include years in jail, as well as heavy fines. Jail sentences continue to…

Toronto condo explosion due to meth lab, according to police

A man is dealing with more than burn injuries after an explosion recently blew off the front door of his sixth-floor condo in Toronto's Liberty Village. The 36-year-old has been charged with drug possession for the purpose of trafficking. Specifically, police believe the defendant was operating a meth lab in the residence. The man was reportedly inside the condo when the blast occurred, and he was able to leave the home and transport himself to hospital to be treated for minor burns. After that, he was arrested. Initially, the explosion was thought to be due to natural gas, but police…

7 charged in connection with Tyendinaga grow-op

Being accused of growing even a small amount of marijuana in Ontario can lead to serious legal consequences. In addition to fines and incarceration, the penalties for running a grow-op may include a restriction on an individual's ability to cross into the United States. If you have been charged with illegal drug production, then it is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side to intervene early in the legal process and develop strategies for protecting your rights and freedom. Seven individuals will need such a defence after the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and local officers carried out a…

Government uses forfeiture laws to claim offenders’ property

Anyone who says that the federal and provincial governments are soft on marijuana crimes may need to rethink his or her opinion. Though it is far from universal, there are a number of cases in which the government will attempt to seize an offender's property solely because he or she had a marijuana grow op on the land. Because of criminal forfeiture laws, the government may have a claim to any land that is used in the commission of a crime. Ontarians who use their homes to grow marijuana could see the government trying to evict them and sell their homes as…


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