East GTA man facing charges for violent crimes after bus incident

East GTA man facing charges for violent crimes after bus incident

On behalf of Neuberger & Partners LLP posted in violent crimes on Tuesday April 04, 2017.

Many people have, at one time or another, acted out of character and regretted it later. Most often, the incident is soon forgotten, and the instigator moves on with his or her life. However, when the incident escalates to the point where law enforcement officers are called to intervene, it’s not so easy to just walk away. A man from the easternmost part of the Greater Toronto Area has recently learned that after an alleged altercation on public transit led to charges for violent crimes.

During the afternoon of March 21, a young man was found to have passed out on the upper level of a GO bus in Newcastle. The driver attempted to wake the passenger, but was unable to do so. He made his way back down to his seat, after which the passenger evidently woke up.

Allegedly, the passenger made his way down to the lower level and began to yell at the driver and kick the fare box. Police report the passenger struck the driver about the head several times, and the driver went to hospital for treatment. A 24-year-old Clarington man was arrested, and charged with robbery, aggravated assault and damage to property not exceeding $5,000.

In all likelihood, if the accused man had the chance to do things over, he would choose to behave differently. Since the past cannot be erased, however, he will have to move forward with as much care as possible. The courts take violent crimes very seriously. Any man or woman accused of a violent crime in Toronto or the surrounding area should strongly consider contacting a defence lawyer for assistance.

Source: globalnews.ca, “Clarington, Ont., man charged after GO Transit bus driver attacked – Toronto“, March 21, 2017


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