Sarnia woman in possession of controlled substance set free Category: Drug Possession

Category: Drug Possession

Sarnia woman in possession of controlled substance set free

The law applies equally to all citizens, and no one has the right to deny the rights of another, including those of someone suspected or accused of a crime. When these rights are denied, there can be serious repercussions for all involved. Illustrating this point is a recent ruling on an incident involving a woman arrested for possession of a controlled substance in Sarnia, Ontario. The woman in question entered a pawnshop on April 11, 2014, with the intention of selling some jewellery. An employee of the shop recognized some of the pieces from a list of stolen goods provided by the Ontario…

Drug charges for marijuana possession still pursued

When it comes to laying criminal charges, in some cases the Crown has leeway regarding whether a charge is filed. This means that someone could find that they are being prosecuted for a possession of a small portion of drugs such as marijuana. While legalization of the drug appears to be on the horizon, the federal government is nonetheless still pursuing charges for even very small amounts. This is illustrated in the arrest of a man in the fall of 2014. As is often the case where drug charges are concerned, the arrest of the man followed a traffic stop. It was…

Alleged car theft results in drug charges

There are a variety of situations that could lead to someone being arrested for committing an alleged crime. Recently we wrote about drug charges that were laid after a sweep was conducted in Toronto. While that is one way in which charges could arise, it is not the only one. Other times tips from other citizens could prompt police to take action. The recent arrest of three individuals in Toronto provides a good example of this. Police became involved with those people after receiving a call reporting the theft of a vehicle. While that early morning assumption turned out to…

Ontario police engage in questionable practice of publishing defendants’ names

Police forces in some parts of Ontario make it a point to publicly associate marijuana charges with accused individuals, even before the cases have been tried. For example, the Almaguin Highlands Ontario Provincial Police send out press releases that list the names of individuals charged with crimes, including possession of small amounts of marijuana. The detachment is thought to be the only one in the area to engage in this questionable practice. According to a staff sergeant with the Almaguin Highlands OPP, "We want to publish the names because we want it to sting a little more than a $500…

Study connects use of crystal meth with traumatic brain injury

As anyone who has ever faced a drug charge related to the possession of methamphetamines can likely attest, the charges need to be taken seriously. This is because of the harsh penalties that could accompany a conviction. These penalties include: Jail time. Significant fines. A criminal record. With the serious impact potentially tied to the drug many may wonder what prompts someone to take the drug in the first place. A study recently conducted in Canada, and published in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, may shed some light on the matter. The study, which focused on teenagers specifically, was funded by…

Young people charged with marijuana possession in rural Ontario

The Controlled Drug and Substance Act dictates which drug acts are criminal under Canadian law. The act is quite extensive and lists a number of crimes that many people in Ontario may not even realize are criminal. Of course, most people in the province know that marijuana possession is a violation of the law, but it is hardly as serious as a violent or destructive crime. Sadly, the Ontario Provincial Police are not likely to be lenient with drug possession crimes, especially in the more rural areas of Ontario. According to the OPP, drugs pose a danger to the community and, thus,…

Addiction often fuels drug crimes

One look at the media and it is clear: many people in Canada don't think too highly of people charged with drug crimes. Many see them as ruining society, willing to rip apart families and lives with addiction just to make some money. And if that is the general public's attitude toward people suspected of drug crimes, one can only imagine what law enforcement and prosecutors think. What many people fail to realize, however, is that many of the people who are arrested, charged and convicted of drug crimes are often addicts themselves. And it is not just hard drugs…

Toronto man arrested after police raid, find drugs and replicas

This blog often covers stories about individuals who are arrested on and charged with drug crimes, but that is not a monolithic charge -- there are many different charges that fall within the category of drug crimes. Sometimes even small differences in what police find in a raid is enough to enhance a charge. With drug penalties already quite high, having a sentence enhancement for something like being arrested with a weapon is certainly something to avoid. For a 29-year-old Toronto man who was recently arrested following a police raid of a home, the firearms charges that he is also facing…

Brampton athlete forgives police brutality

Although the name Orlando Bowen may not be on everyone's lips in the Greater Toronto Area, this Brampton resident was once a linebacker for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. His football career has since ended due to a concussion, a concussion he suffered after he says he was beaten police outside of a Mississauga night club. The football player had been standing near his car when two men approached him looking for drugs. When he said he didn't have any, one of the men took him by the arm. Though the football player was able to escape and ran down the street,…

Brantford police stop car, charge men with drug possession

A late-night ride in Brantford raised some suspicions late last week and now three men are facing drug charges. The three young men were charged with a variety of crimes, including possession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking and possession of property obtained by crime under $5,000. Members of the Brantford Police Service B.E.A.T. Unit say they smelled marijuana and saw something green in the vehicle as they approached a car they had stopped for driving suspiciously. Officers claim they found 44 grams of marijuana and 24 grams of cocaine in the car…


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