False accusations of domestic assault are a growing trend Category: Domestic Violence

Category: Domestic Violence

False accusations of domestic assault are a growing trend

There is no question that spousal abuse is a heinous crime in Ontario. Its victims are often vulnerable and emotionally damaged by long-term mistreatment. This is why domestic assault is rightly taken seriously by law enforcement and advocates. However, the high-profile nature of the cause has also allowed it to be misused too often. When this happens, a person who is innocent may face detrimental consequences from one accusation. When police were called to your house for a domestic disturbance, they were prepared for the worst-case scenario. Because a victim of domestic abuse often lives in fear of retaliation, police…

Man sentenced to house arrest for domestic assault

Many people have experienced a moment in their lives when they acted in a manner that was out of character. If a crime is alleged to have been committed during one of these moments, it may ultimately be viewed in a different light than the actions of a habitual offender. A northern Ontario man found himself in court recently, facing domestic assault charges after acting out uncharacteristically. On March 29, 2016 police responded to a domestic dispute call at a residence in Astorville, a small town about three hours north of Toronto. A 34-year old man was arrested after assaulting both his common-law partner…

Two-sided domestic assault results in charges in Northern Ontario

When a domestic incident is reported, more often than not the complainant is a female and the accused is her husband or male partner. This is not always the case, however. There are numerous cases of female-on-male domestic assault every year, though many go unreported. One case that was reported to authorities took place recently in northern Ontario. Ontario Provincial Police officers responded to a domestic dispute call on July 25, 2016, at a home on St. Joseph Island, just south of Sault Ste. Marie. An argument was in progress between the two residents, a 53-year old male and a 31-year…

Probation for man charged with domestic assault in Niagara

Any violent crime, and domestic assault in particular, is a serious matter. For those facing charges for domestic assault, just as serious is the need for a strong criminal defence strategy. Consider the case of a domestic assault that recently came before the court in St. Catherines, Ontario. A 23-year old Niagara man got into a dispute with his partner, which escalated into a physical altercation. Alcohol was allegedly involved in the incident, and both parties became engaged in what the judge called a "mutual consent fight." Reportedly, after the female victim threw a chair at the man, he proceeded to head butt…

Domestic violence and psychedelic drugs

In our last post we wrote about the existence of a domestic violence court in the province of Ontario. The court is used in cases where the individuals involved in the alleged activity share an intimate relationship. At the end of the process, if the accused is found guilty, it is possible he or she could face serious consequences. But what if the focus was instead on prevention domestic violence? While no two domestic violence situations are exactly the same, in many situations it is possible that substance abuse is an underlying issue for the accused. A recent study supports…

Domestic violence court is not cruel and unusual punishment

Readers may be aware that in Ontario, there is a special court in which domestic violence matters may be handled. The court is specifically designed to address domestic violence allegations between intimate partners. Other cases of this nature, involving people who do not fit that definition, are heard in a criminal court. Recently, a man who was charged with bail breach after he allegedly violated specifications that he was to stay away from the home of his son’s mother, alleged that having his case in that court violated his rights and caused him distress. The man was on bail after…

Possible defences to domestic abuse charges

Domestic violence charges are one of many criminal charges someone who resides in the Greater Toronto Area might face. Depending on the situation it is possible the case could involve not only criminal charges but family court issues as well. Though an arrest for this crime can set off a series of consequences before a trial even occurs, a conviction is not a foregone conclusion. Accordingly, it is important that all in this situation take the matter seriously. The best way to do this is work with a criminal defence lawyer who is well versed in both systems. Depending on the…

Domestic violence charges should be taken seriously

All criminal charges have the potential to dramatically impact the life of the accused, if they are found guilty. In most cases the serious consequences do not begin until a guilty verdict is rendered. This is not the case where domestic violence is concerned, however. Even upon being accused, someone can begin to experience negative repercussions—even if the person is innocent. In most cases, when the police arrive, an accused can expect they will removed from their home. Upon removal they will be taken into custody until a bail hearing occurs. If the accused has children, the arrest can also…

Domestic violence policy of MLB slated to be tested

In an earlier post we wrote about how some professional athletes could face consequences for domestic violence allegations, above and beyond what the criminal justice system pursues. Depending on the situation, the outcome may be worse than what they would face in conjunction with any criminal charges that might be levied. One of the professional sports leagues that most recently announced its domestic violence policy is Major League Baseball. That policy is slated to be tested with the recent arrest of Jose Reyes. The former Blue Jay was arrested late last month while on vacation in Hawaii. He allegedly assaulted his…

Are domestic violence programs working in Ontario?

When most people are accused of committing a crime, they want to do anything they can to have the charges dismissed or reduced. When this is not possible, an acquittal is generally sought. Even when someone is convicted of a crime however, there may be things that individual can do to minimize the severity of the penalty. Where domestic violence is concerned in Ontario, there is a program that some offenders could find they are ordered to take part in. Overseen by the Ministry of the Attorney General, Partner Assault Response programs are an alternative to trial for less-violent or first-time…


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