2 Markham, 1 Toronto residents charged with marijuana trafficking

2 Markham, 1 Toronto residents charged with marijuana trafficking

On behalf of Neuberger & Partners LLP posted in Drug Trafficking on Thursday January 02, 2014.

Three people are facing serious drug charges after an investigation into marijuana hidden among frozen vegetable destined for the U.S. Two people, ages 38 and 41, are from Markham and the last person, aged 53, is from Toronto. If convicted, these three could face very serious charges. Being accused of drug trafficking is not something to be taken lightly and often requires a strong legal defence, especially because a trafficking conviction could bar someone from entering the U.S.

The investigation that eventually led to these three Greater Toronto Area resident’s arrests started after United States Customs and Border Protection discovered more than 70 kilograms of marijuana hidden amongst a commercial vehicle’s load of frozen vegetables. The truck was crossing into the U.S. on the Ambassador Bridge connecting Detroit and Windsor, but the contents were headed to Chicago.

After the find, members of the Ontario Provincial Police started investigating and eventually looked into Busy Bee Express Limited in Toronto. Officers searched two different addresses in the GTA and found more than $19,000 in cash. It is unclear, however, if police found any marijuana at these locations, but it did not stop them from arresting the individuals and charging them with exportation and possession of marijuana.

Although the Markham Economist & Sun has not provided any details that directly links these three individuals to the marijuana that was found at the Ambassador Bridge, the Crown will need to provide concrete and reliable evidence in order to secure a conviction. It cannot rely solely on conjecture to prove the individual’s guilt.


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