7 charged in connection with Tyendinaga grow-op Archives

7 charged in connection with Tyendinaga grow-op

Being accused of growing even a small amount of marijuana in Ontario can lead to serious legal consequences. In addition to fines and incarceration, the penalties for running a grow-op may include a restriction on an individual's ability to cross into the United States. If you have been charged with illegal drug production, then it is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side to intervene early in the legal process and develop strategies for protecting your rights and freedom.Seven individuals will need such a defence after the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and local officers carried out a search warrant at a home in Tyendinaga Territory. The ages of the accused individuals range from 17 to 41. They face charges related to marijuana production and trafficking, as well as possession of cannabis resin.Authorities reportedly seized the following items in the search of the residence:
  • 144 marijuana plants
  • 88 pounds of marijuana bud
  • 57 pounds of marijuana shake
  • 75 grams of hashish
Sometimes individuals find themselves facing drug cultivation charges after being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In these cases, to obtain a conviction, the prosecution must establish an evidentiary link between the accused and the drug in question. The Crown is also obligated to drop the charge if there is no reasonable expectation of a conviction or if pursuing a conviction is not in the public interest.Complex grow-op charges require a sophisticated criminal defence. To learn more about these matters, please visit our Marijuana Grow-Op overview.

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