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Alleged sexual assault happens in Toronto bar; 2 men charged

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The truth of what happens behind closed doors is known only to those who were there. If one person claims illegal activity occurred, the burden of proof lies upon that person, but the accused may face intense scrutiny during an investigation, and may suffer personally and professionally. An alleged sexual assault has put two Toronto men at the centre of a police investigation, and may have repercussions at work.

The incident is alleged to have occurred on Dec. 15 at a bar in Little Italy near College St. and Manning Ave. Toronto Police have reported that a 24-year-old woman claims she was given alcohol and illegal drugs, and then held against her will. She further claims that two men sexually assaulted her inside the bar.

Police arrested two men, a 31-year-old and a 41-year-old, and charged them with sexual assault, forcible confinement and sexual assault as party to the offence with any other person in relation to the incident. The older man is believed to be the owner of the bar, though he seems to have been deleted from the bar’s website, as well as a bartending school with locations across Canada. The younger man is believed to be an employee of the school.

It is entirely likely that the businesses belonging to the accused will suffer as a result of this story going public. Allegations of sexual assault are very serious, and should be handled with care and by someone with experience. A Toronto defence lawyer who has handled sex crime cases in the past may be the best choice for representation for anyone accused of such a crime.

Source: Toronto Star, “Two men charged after woman sexually assaulted in Toronto bar“, Vjosa Isai & Salmaan Farooqui, Dec. 18, 2016

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