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Big rig operator suspected of driving under the influence

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When the Ontario Provincial Police pull a driver over, there could be several reasons. While a driver might be suspected of driving under the influence, officers still have to determine whether the vehicle operator is in fact impaired and, if so, by what. Any driver who faces charges for driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or even prescribed medication could end up facing severe consequences if convicted.

OPP officers arrested a big rig operator shortly after noon on a recent Tuesday. Police alleged the truck driver was swerving across the lanes of Highway 401 and refused to pull over when officers ordered him to stop. They said more police cruisers arrived to join the pursuit and keep the eastbound traffic safe from the supposedly weaving big rig.

When the driver eventually stopped, OPP officers got into the cab of the vehicle to arrest the operator. Reportedly, they suspected impairment, and that was the charge for which they arrested him. On the day after the incident, the Special Investigations Unit reported that the driver was involved in an altercation with the arresting officers and that he suffered a foot injury during this quarrel. The injury was treated at a medical facility.

There is no indication or report of any tests performed to determine whether the big rig driver was driving under the influence. These facts will be important aspects for an experienced lawyer to consider when he or she devises a defence strategy. A skilled criminal defence lawyer can thoroughly examine any and all evidence brought against a driver facing these types of serious charges. Acquiring such assistance can increase the odds of reduced penalties or even a case being dismissed altogether.

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