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Border agents arrested for allegedly importing illegal substances

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Drug charges come in many different forms and in varying degrees of severity. Charges for importing drugs are among the most severe, and an accusation of such should be of great concern to an individual. For someone whose job it is to prevent illegal drugs from entering the country, a charge of importing illegal substances may be personally devastating. Two border agents working at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport face accusations that could tarnish their reputations and ruin their careers.

Capping off a year-long investigation, RCMP officers made a series of arrests recently. Police arrested five men, including two Canadian Border Services Agency employees. They allege the two agents allowed shipments of cocaine from Jamaica and Columbia to enter Canada at the airport in Toronto.

A high-ranking official from the CBSA has already taken steps to distance the agency from the alleged actions of the two employees. A 37-year-old Toronto man and a 41 year-old Barrie man face numerous charges, including importing a narcotic, conspiracy and breach of trust. A preliminary court date is set for early May.

An allegation of importing illegal substances is always serious, no matter one’s occupation. As can be seen from this example, there is very little time provided between an arrest and the first appearance in court. There is no time to waste, so it may behoove an accused person to act quickly and begin working on a defence strategy as soon as possible. A criminal defence lawyer who is familiar and comfortable with the courts of Toronto might be the best choice for representation.

Source: National Post, “Canadian border agents at Toronto’s Pearson airport arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling“, April 28, 2017

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