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Bus passenger facing multiple sexual assault charges

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To be suspected of a sex crime is a difficult situation to handle. Modern electronic media assures the quick dissemination of the suspect’s name and image, and reputations can be tarnished overnight, long before guilt or innocence can be adjudicated. A man accused by three women of sexual assault on public transit in and around Toronto is one of the most recent examples.

The first incidents allegedly happened on a TTC bus in Toronto’s north end. Two women claim a man boarded the bus and assaulted them. One of the women notified the driver, who called the police. This incident led to two charges of sexual assault against the 41-year-old man.

On March 28, the same man was accused of assaulting a woman on a VIVA bus near Concord. In this incident, the woman reportedly confronted the man and then contacted police. Officers arrested the man on April 7, and charged him with another count of sexual assault. According to police, both investigations are still ongoing.

Whether the man is innocent or guilty, his face and name are now available for all to see. For a person who may still have business to conduct and a life to lead in the community, this is a problematic situation. For anyone in a similar situation in Toronto, the best choice may be to contact a criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled lawyer will focus on the details of the alleged sexual assault and the subsequent arrest in order to formulate the best possible defence strategy.

Source: cp24.com, “Man charged in connection with sexual assault on VIVA bus“, Chris Fox, April 10, 2017

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