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Domestic violence and psychedelic drugs

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In our last post we wrote about the existence of a domestic violence court in the province of Ontario. The court is used in cases where the individuals involved in the alleged activity share an intimate relationship. At the end of the process, if the accused is found guilty, it is possible he or she could face serious consequences. But what if the focus was instead on prevention domestic violence?

While no two domestic violence situations are exactly the same, in many situations it is possible that substance abuse is an underlying issue for the accused. A recent study supports the notion that psychedelic drugs might actually help to reduce the number of domestic violence incidents that occur.

The study focused on 302 inmates who had histories or disorders and substance use. Followed for approximately six years after their release, 42 per cent of those individuals who did not take any psychedelic drugs faced a domestic battery arrest. Those who took MDMA (ecstasy), psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and LSD, had a much lower rate of arrest for domestic battery–27 per cent.

Though the reason for the lower rate for users of psychedelic drugs is unclear, one expert offered the explanation that the spiritual experiences that often occur when these drugs are used provide a sense of transcendence, positivity and unity, that prevent them from being violent.

Treatment as a method of preventing crimes is not new as it is a possible consequence for people facing some drug or drunk driving charges. Only time will tell if a similar approach will be taken with psychedelics and domestic violence.

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