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Two-sided domestic assault results in charges in Northern Ontario

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When a domestic incident is reported, more often than not the complainant is a female and the accused is her husband or male partner. This is not always the case, however. There are numerous cases of female-on-male domestic assault every year, though many go unreported. One case that was reported to authorities took place recently in northern Ontario.

Ontario Provincial Police officers responded to a domestic dispute call on July 25, 2016, at a home on St. Joseph Island, just south of Sault Ste. Marie. An argument was in progress between the two residents, a 53-year old male and a 31-year old female. The officers spoke with the couple and left the scene.

On a July 31 follow-up visit, the man alleged to police the woman had assaulted him that morning. After investigating the matter, the officers arrested both individuals on a variety of charges, including drug and firearm violations. The woman was charged with spousal assault, failure to comply with a probation order and possession of a controlled substance. The man was also charged with spousal assault, as well as careless storage of a firearm.

Law enforcement officers take domestic violence very seriously. Even alleging domestic assault in Ontario can result in an arrest and charges. The hope is the truth will be revealed in court and justice will prevail. When an individual has been accused of a violent crime against his or her partner, whether male or female, representation by counsel from a criminal defense firm can help assure a fair and complete assessment of the facts.

Source: sootoday.com, “Argument results in assault charges for man and his girlfriend“, August 3, 2016

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