Violent crime: Ontario medical marijuana dispensary robbed

Violent crime: Ontario medical marijuana dispensary robbed

On behalf of Neuberger & Partners LLP posted in Criminal Defence, drug charges, Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking on Wednesday August 15, 2018.

An illegal medical marijuana dispensary was apparently the site of two thefts over a three-month period. Law enforcement authorities say that the London, Ontario dispensary, or the Downtown Relief Centre as it’s known, was targeted recently by more than one suspect. Witnesses of the apparent violent crime said the suspects, who appeared to be armed, entered the shop at around 10 p.m. while some customers and employees were still there. When the cops arrived on the scene about 20 minutes later, they said the store was empty.

Cops are being quiet about the number of suspects they’re investigating; however, no one was injured in the robbery. Police aren’t releasing details about what and how much was stolen, either. Reportedly, this robbery happened after a break-in of the same place weeks before.

In the other incident, a suspect apparently dropped about $25,000 of cannabis products while fleeing the scene. Police obtained a warrant to search the cannabis shop, seizing $5,000 cash and products worth about $90,000. The suspect associated with the break-in wasn’t arrested; however police issued a warrant for a 22-year-old Toronto man with alleged ties to the dispensary and who is wanted on drug possession (three counts) and breach of recognizance (one count) charges.

Getting charged with violent crime like armed robbery can have serious consequences. Those who find themselves having to defend such charges may do well with the help of a lawyer who may be able to challenge the Crown’s case effectively. A lawyer will be able to understand the evidence and may be able to work to get evidence excluded where possible. A advice of a criminal defense lawyer may prove invaluable since the courts in Ontario view armed robbery as one of the most serious violent crime offences.


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