Charged with conspiracy to commit a drug crime? Know your defence options

Charged with conspiracy to commit a drug crime? Know your defence options

On behalf of Neuberger & Partners LLP posted in Drug Manufacturing & Cultivation on Tuesday March 17, 2015.

Often people who find themselves charged with conspiracy in Ontario never thought they were “conspiring” to do anything. However, in legal terms, conspiracy occurs when two or more individuals agree together to commit a crime.

In many cases, conspiracy charges are levelled in addition to other charges, which could include anything from embezzlement to drug importation. Most of the time, though, conspiracy charges are linked to drug crimes.

If you have been charged with conspiracy to possess, produce, traffic or import drugs, then it is extremely important that you seek counsel from an experienced conspiracy defence lawyer. Being convicted of a drug crime alone can result in serious penalties, including fines and imprisonment, but those penalties could be increased significantly if you are additionally convicted of conspiracy.

Typically, cases of alleged drug manufacturing involve private property that investigators have searched, meaning that police commonly use search warrants to obtain evidence of grow-ops and other kinds of drug production. Investigators also commonly use wiretaps to gather evidence of conspiracy to commit drug offences. However, a search warrant, including a warrant for a wiretap, must be handled properly for the evidence to be admissible at trial.

The lawyers of Neuberger & Partners LLP have the resources to investigate the legality of searches and wiretaps in conspiracy cases.

Every case involving allegations of drug production is complex, and individuals facing such charges will need legal counsel with experience in the relevant legal and factual issues. To learn more about criminal defence strategies, please see Neuberger & Partners’ various sections on drug crimes.

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