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Consequences for some crimes extend beyond prison time

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If you are convicted of a sex crime it is possible that there were be multiple types of consequences. While a prison stay may seem like the biggest hurdle to get past, it is not uncommon for those convicted to face a different kind of life after getting out. A 34-year-old man who is considered to be a “high-risk” offender will soon be released. He has been in prison for two years. He was found guilty of theft, threatening death, assault with intent to resist arrest and failure to comply with probation.

Because the man is deemed to be high-risk the man will have to follow certain probation conditions. He cannot:

  • Consume alcohol
  • Consume drugs
  • Posses any weapons
  • Be within 500 metres of two Toronto streets

It is possible that after two years in prison the man would like to get back to a normal life as quickly as possible. While some of the constraints placed upon him should not be that difficult to meet, others are. In the end someone who has already spent time behind bars could find that things are not that much better when they get out.

The best way to address this matter is of course to make sure that a conviction does not occur. A criminal defence lawyer is the best person to assist with building a case against the allegations. Because the more time he or she has to work on case, the better, it is important that someone accused of a crime contacts a lawyer in a timely fashion.

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