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Criminal accusation will inform defence approach

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When someone is accused of committing a crime, most want to find a way to secure the most positive outcome possible. Because there is often a lot for an accused to lose and these matters are complicated, it is generally advisable to seek assistance from a criminal defence lawyer in determining the best course of action. It may involve mounting an aggressive defense at trial. Because no two cases are alike, the defence offered will vary depending on the specific circumstances.

A man accused of sexual assault recently offered an interesting defence to the allegations.


The dermatologist, who among other things, is accused of rubbing his private parts against two women in the course of examinations, asserted the small size of his manhood, combined with his oversized belly, would make that action impossible. To support this, the 63-year-old man, offered evidence from an urologist.

The man also faces allegations from a third woman, that during her visit, he fondled her breasts.

Someone accused of engaging in a criminal activity could face more than criminal charges. Their job could be impacted as well. In this case the man’s medical certificate was suspended by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, and depending on the outcome of a disciplinary hearing, it could be revoked. Because this is a different proceeding from the criminal one, even if he is found innocent in a court of law, he may be unable to work if the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario finds that he engaged in improper conduct.

As this case illustrates, the impact of a criminal allegation can be far-reaching. This makes it that much more important to contact a criminal defence lawyer in a timely manner to create a response and tailored defence to the accusations.

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