Criminal defence lawyer may be of assistance after conviction Archives

Criminal defence lawyer may be of assistance after conviction

There is no question that if someone is accused of committing a crime it is best to take action as soon as possible to either prevent the Crown from bringing charges or try to have any pending charges dismissed. When this is not possible building a strong defence at trial can lead to a not guilty verdict. Even when someone is found guilty of committing a crime it is possible a criminal defence lawyer could be of assistance. The Toronto man known as the "vendetta bomber" recently experienced relief after the several convictions against him were thrown out on appeal.The man was previously found guilty of attempted murder in conjunction with sending three letter bombs, and attempted murder for sending bottles of water that had been tampered with. The convictions on the latter crimes were the ones for which he was acquitted.At trial the man was accused of sending toxic bottles of water to individuals under the guise that they were promotional gifts. Despite the fact that individuals consumed the water, no one became ill. On appeal the man's lawyer asserted that an analysis of the water presented independent of the letter bombs, would not have resulted in attempted murder convictions for the charges related to the water.While the convictions for sending three letter bombs still stand, as a result of the other convictions being thrown out, the man will be re-sentenced, presumably receiving less time. He was previously serving an indefinite sentence.A conviction for any crime could result in serious consequences. This is particularly true when one is accused of attempted murder. For the best chance of securing a positive outcome, the sooner a lawyer is contacted, the better.

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