Domestic violence policy of MLB slated to be tested Archives

Domestic violence policy of MLB slated to be tested

In an earlier post we wrote about how some professional athletes could face consequences for domestic violence allegations, above and beyond what the criminal justice system pursues. Depending on the situation, the outcome may be worse than what they would face in conjunction with any criminal charges that might be levied. One of the professional sports leagues that most recently announced its domestic violence policy is Major League Baseball. That policy is slated to be tested with the recent arrest of Jose Reyes.The former Blue Jay was arrested late last month while on vacation in Hawaii. He allegedly assaulted his wife while they stayed at a resort on the island of Maui. His wife was reportedly hospitalized as a result of the injuries she suffered. Her wrist, neck and thigh were reportedly hurt when Reyes allegedly held her at the throat and pushed into a glass balcony door.The new policy makes it possible for the MLB to suspend players who are accused of the criminal activity. During the regular season players who find themselves in Reyes' situation could be placed on administrative leave for a week while the league looks into the case. If the investigation indicates it's warranted, the payer could then be suspended, even if criminal charges for domestic violence are not pending. Whether Reyes will be disciplined remains to be seen.Regardless of what someone does for a living, when someone is accused of domestic violence in the province of Ontario, it is important they try to build a defence to the accusations by contacting a lawyer. The failure to do so could result in life changing consequences.

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