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Drug charges: The stakes are too high not to have a strong defence

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The criminal justice system can be daunting, but you don’t need to go through it alone. Our Criminal lawyers are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Whether you are facing the relatively minor charge of marijuana possession or the very serious charge of drug trafficking, you will need an effective criminal defence strategy to protect your rights and freedom. With any type of drug charge, you can expect prosecutors to aggressively pursue a conviction and ask the court to impose a jail sentence.

Criminal defence lawyers at Neuberger & Partners LLP work to protect accused individuals’ rights by investigating the facts of each case and developing sophisticated strategies to minimize any negative outcomes.

Often the individuals accused of drug offences have committed no violent acts, but the penalties are nonetheless serious upon conviction. For example, in 2012 the Harper Government imposed mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana grow operations. Even a person accused in connection with a small grow-op could face a mandatory minimum sentence.

The stakes may be even higher for individuals facing charges of importing, trafficking or manufacturing drugs such as heroin or cocaine. A cursory glance at news headlines quickly shows that Ontario residents are frequently sentenced to years in prison for drug offences.

In addition to loss of freedom, drug charges can result in reputation damage, employment difficulties and problems with immigration.

In many cases, individuals are accused of drug crimes in connection with large-scale police investigations. If you find yourself in this situation, then it is extremely important to ensure that you are not overcharged. Not everyone accused of a drug offence is guilty, and early intervention on the part of a criminal defence attorney can help minimize the negative consequences of an arrest.

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