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Drunk driving arrests happen to people of all backgrounds

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Drunk driving allegations are something that virtually anyone who drives after consuming alcohol could find that they are facing. Old or young, rich or poor, people from all walks of life could be pulled over and arrested for the crime. This is illustrated in the recent arrest of NHL star Ryan O’Reilly.

The 24-year-old hockey player was arrested earlier this month after crashing his vintage pickup into a bar. He is accused of leaving the scene of the accident. Witnesses allegedly helped law enforcement find the man. After he was arrested he was taken in to have his breath tested.

In addition to impaired driving, he was also charged with failing to remain.

For some people who are accused of impaired driving the consequences extend beyond a criminal proceeding. Depending on what they do for a living it is possible that their livelihood could be impacted as well. For example, if someone is required to drive as a part of their job and their license is suspended, they may not be able to work. Similarly, some professional sports team suspend players for a few games when they face criminal charges.

It is not clear if or how O’Reilly’s arrest will impact his career. Regardless of the background of the person charged, to try to minimize the penalties, it is vital to contact a criminal defence lawyer to help build a case against the allegation. He or she might also be able to advise a client on how to address the collateral damage that arises.

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