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Evidence can make or break a criminal case

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When it comes to criminal accusations, evidence plays an important role in both making a case as well as defending against charges. Because of this there are certain rules in regard to evidence that need to be followed by both the Crown and the accused. According to one man accused of breaching bail conditions, Crown prosecutors are in possession of evidence that illustrates his innocence.

Law enforcement arrested the man after he was accused of being near a fire that burned his former home down. While he is not accused of having anything to do with the fire, because being in the area of his former home would put him within proximity of his ex-wife, he was charged with the latter crime. The man, a decorated veteran who served in Afghanistan, claims he was at his parents’ house at the time of the fire.

The accused claims there are several pieces of evidence that prove he was where he said he was. The first is video surveillance records of his parents’ home. Second, there is reportedly a statement from the individual he was speaking with at the time he was supposedly in the vicinity of the fire at his old home. Last, there are allegedly cell phone records that the Crown uncovered in a pre-trial investigation and disclosure which were presented to his lawyer.

The criminal charge has negatively impacted the man’s life in that he was required to move to a different community while the case is proceeding. This has likely made things even more difficult for the man who after leaving the military has faced hard time in his personal life. In addition to divorcing his spouse he was involved in a standoff with police. Since then he has sought help for post traumatic stress disorder and is on medication.

If the Crown is in fact in possession of evidence that speaks to the man’s innocence, the man will hopefully secure a positive outcome. A criminal defence lawyer is likely working to help secure an end to the matter.

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