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Former radio host acquitted of sexual assault charges

In an earlier post we wrote about the sexual assault trial of a former radio host. The man was facing multiple charges in connection with three different women. Specifically he was charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of choking. At trial the man admitted to engaging in sex he characterized as “rough” but claimed the women who accused him of the criminal acts, consented to the activity. During trial, among other things, his defence lawyer pointed out inconsistencies in the testimony of his accusers. Recently a verdict was reached.An Ontario Court Justice acquitted the man of all the charges. In reaching this conclusion the justice indicated that it was possible the activities the women testified to did in fact occur. Despite that possibility, he pointed to the deceptions, questionable behaviour and inconsistencies during trial that rendered the Court unable to view them as trusted sources of the truth. In turn, those factors resulted in reasonable doubt as to what actually transpired.It is unclear whether the prosecution will appeal the decision.Though the man was acquitted of these charges, he still faces other charges in connection with another accusation of sexual assault. That case will be heard this summer. While it is unclear whether the outcome will be the same in that case, the recent decision illustrates how it is worthwhile for an accused to defend themselves against the charges and how important what happens at trial can be to the outcome of a case.

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