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Homicide unit looks into suspicious death in Toronto suburb

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Police are investigating what looks like the suspicious death of a 28-year-old woman in an upscale suburb outside of Toronto. The York police homicide unit received a report that the woman had been killed. When they got to the scene, they found the woman dead. They have arrested a 27-year-old Ontario male in connection with her death.

A neighbour said the woman was always pleasant and shared the home with two others. Another neighbour said he found it unsettling to wake up during the holiday to see a homicide unit van parked across the street from his home in Richmond Hill that he shares with his wife and child. Police are continuing their investigation.

Those who are charged with violent crimes in Ontario would be well advised to seek out legal counsel. Those accused have the right to mount an aggressive legal defence. In this case, a lawyer experienced in crimes and misdemeanors law would make sure the accused was taken into custody to the letter of the law. He or she would also ensure that any search warrants were executed legally as well.

Upon arrest for a homicide, it is vital that the accused take action right away to preserve his or her best criminal defence. An experienced criminal defence team will ensure their client’s rights have not been violated. An Ontario criminal defence lawyer will guide his or her client in the court process and ensure all evidence was catalogued in the correct manner. A lawyer will also make sure his or her client understands the charges and will work to ensure the best possible outcome in court.

Source: yorkregion.com, “UPDATED: York police homicide unit probes ‘suspicious death’ in Richmond Hill“, Jeremy Grimaldi, Dec. 20, 2017

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