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Hospital security guard faces sexual assault charges

A security guard working at a hospital in Newmarket is facing serious charges after several women alleged that he assaulted them. Ontario has strict laws governing treatment of sexual assault cases, involving extensive cross-examination and a strong reliance on victim testimony. However, it should be noted that a sexual assault charge could sometimes prove damaging to an accused individual's life even if he or she is proven innocent.In this particular case, the accused man is a 24-year-old security guard at a major hospital. Police began investigating him after a 16-year-old girl came forward back in July, reporting the alleged assault. She told officers she had met the guard during a previous hospital visit, and that he had assaulted her once she left the hospital grounds.A second woman, age 19, also came forward after saying she had made friends with the guard during hospital visits. She also claimed that he assaulted her off the hospital grounds. The man faces two sexual assault charges, and police have released his name and photo to the public to encourage other alleged victims to come forward. The man was scheduled for his first court appearance on Sept. 13.Sexual assault is doubtless a vicious crime, and the effect the allegation can have on an accused individual can also be profound. If Ontario authorities are unable to prove the man's guilt, the charges against him will be dropped, but the stigma of the accusation may continue to follow him. This is why it is so important for criminal defense in these cases to be vigilant and review victim testimony, physical evidence and whatever else might be helpful in defending someone accused of such a serious crime.Source:, "Sexual assault charges laid against hospital security guard in Newmarket", Briana Carnegie, Aug. 24, 2017

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