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Impaired driving arrest over holiday weekend? Contact a lawyer

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People in the Toronto area choose to spend long weekends such as the one that recently occurred for Victoria Day, a variety of ways. Gathering with friends and family is one of those ways. While there are many different activities that could be partaken in during this period of time, in some cases the consumption of alcohol is involved. This can lead to an increase in the number of intoxicated drivers on the road. It can also lead to a higher number of individuals who are just over the legal limit, getting behind the wheel to drive. According to a recent report, this is exactly what happened in Ontario over the Victoria Day long weekend.

The increase in the number of drunk drivers charged with the crime was large. According to Ontario provincial police, in the GTA the increase was 37 percent as compared to Victoria Day last year. That translated in to 37 arrests, 10 more than what was recorded in 2014. One person died as a result of a crash that involved the consumption of alcohol.

In Toronto specifically, a total of 19 impaired driving arrests were made—one of which was due to drug impairment. A total of six “warn-range” suspensions were also issued. The drivers who received those were found with a blood-alcohol concentration somewhere between 50-8- milligrams.

It is possible that the drivers who were arrested for drunk driving over the holiday weekend are not sure about what steps to take. If they have not already, it is important to hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Among other things, working with such an individual could lead to an acquittal.

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