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In some situations manufacture and sale of legal drugs illegal

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When most people think about drugs that are trafficked throughout the Toronto area the first thing that likely comes to mind is street drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin and crack. While law enforcement agencies do go after people accused of dealing these types of drugs, there are other types that are considered illegal as well.

Recently officers from several Toronto-area police forces made a drug bust in which seven people were arrested. The drug that was seized in “Project Ice Castle,” the investigation that started in November 2014, was ketamine.

Approved for use on animals and in some cases humans, the drug which on the street is called “Special K” or “K,” is illegally sold as a party drug. It is also sometimes referred to as a date rape drug.

Two houses were raided as a part of the drug bust. After executing 10 search warrants more than 60 kilograms of ketamine was found. In addition to the drug, cash totalling more than $300,000 was found. The houses where the bust occurred are both thought to be drug labs which were slated be dismantled by the proper agencies over the course of a couple of days.

This drug bust is a good example of how the manufacture and sale of a drug that is legal in some situations can be illegal in others. Despite its status of being legal sometimes, the legal penalties for someone convicted of manufacture or trafficking of ketamine can be harsh. Accordingly, it is important to take steps to build a strong defense.

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