Local restaurant owner charged with drug trafficking Archives

Local restaurant owner charged with drug trafficking

Allegations of criminal behaviour should always be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately. Drug-related charges can be especially difficult to deal with, and may be highly disruptive to the accused person's life. A Toronto business owner facing charges of drug trafficking now knows this firsthand.On Oct. 25, 2016, Toronto police executed two search warrants in connection with an alleged drug trafficker in the East York neighbourhood of O'Connor-Parkview. Restaurant 27, a take-out and catering restaurant at 971 O'Connor Drive, was entered and searched by police officers. Police report that a variety of drugs were seized, including cocaine, marijuana, crack, Percocet, Lorazapam, Oxycodone and morphine. The exact quantity of drugs recovered was not released. A second warrant was executed as police entered the home of the restaurant owner, where a total of $9,005 in cash was seized.A 47-year old man from the Lake Simcoe community of Jackson's Point, Ontario, was arrested following the two searches. He was charged with five counts of drug possession and trafficking, as well as being in possession of the proceeds of crime. On Oct. 26, 2016, he made his first appearance in court at Old City Hall in Toronto.The drug trafficking charges being faced by the Toronto restaurateur are certainly serious, though nothing has been proved in court to date. Still, the mere allegation of criminal wrong-doing can be damaging to a person's personal and professional reputation. Any man or woman charged with a drug offence may wish to seek representation from a criminal defence attorney to help them with the situation.Source:, "Toronto Police charge owner of Restaurant 27 with selling drugs", Oct. 27, 2016

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