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Man accused of domestic assault avoids jail time

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Domestic assault is taken very seriously by authorities in the province of Ontario. Accordingly, the penalties for a conviction can be harsh and forever change the life of the person who is deemed guilty of the offence. This reality leads most who are in this situation to seek assistance from a criminal defence lawyer who has a history of handling such cases.

A 19-year-old Ontario man did that very thing and it is possible that it could be what led to the fairly positive resolution of the domestic assault charges he faced. The man received:

  • A suspended sentence.
  • A fine of $100.
  • 12 months probation.
  • Domestic violence, substance abuse and anger management counseling.

In addition he is prohibited from possessing a weapon, has restricted access to his child and must provide a DNA sample.

The charges of uttering a threat and assault he faced were levelled after the man allegedly shoved his ex-girlfriend and threatened her father.

There were likely multiple factors that contributed to this outcome for the young man including an adjustment to the way he was acting and the fact that he returned to school to further his education.

While this man is by no means getting off without any consequences, most would likely agree that the outcome could have been much worse. One of the keys to successfully defending one from accusations of this nature is to know what factors to concentrate on. A lawyer who has handled such cases in the past is generally the best place to start.

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