Man arrested in Hamilton after alleged breach of curfew Archives

Man arrested in Hamilton after alleged breach of curfew

People convicted of violent sexual offences can face a long list of penalties and restrictions in addition to prison time. Depending on the circumstances of a particular case, the consequences of a conviction in Canada could include the following:
  • Placement on the sex-offender registry
  • Entry of a DNA profile in a national databank
  • Prohibition of contact with children
  • Prohibition of being at a school, community centre, swimming pool, day care or any place where children might be
  • Prohibition of consuming alcohol or illegal drugs
  • A court-ordered curfew
Upon a person’s release from prison after a sexual offence conviction, authorities may also alert the community where the person intends to move. This kind of police action can lead to backlash from community members, and that was the case recently in Hamilton.A 27-year-old man who has three sexual assault convictions was released from prison in July. The man was initially supposed to live in one part of the city, and then he planned to move to another. When police alerted community members in both areas, residents voiced their disapproval.In this case, the man’s release from prison carried a variety of conditions, including a curfew, which police now say he breached. He was arrested by Hamilton police nearly two weeks after he left prison.The case clearly illustrates the serious repercussions of a sexual assault conviction. Every case is different, however, and individuals accused of sexual offences have a right to challenge the prosecution’s evidence and seek to mitigate any negative consequences.Source: CBC News, "Convicted sex offender Keith Constantin arrested again," Aug. 2, 2014

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