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Man barred from Toronto subway after sexual assault conviction

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Charges of sexual assault are not always based on allegations of extreme violence. Sometimes actions that one party thinks are permissible are actually not welcome by the other party, and allegations of inappropriate sexual contact ensue. A person can face a charge of sexual assault for touching another person in a way that is perceived to be inappropriate.

Recently in Toronto, a man pleaded guilty to sexual assault in connection with an incident involving a Toronto Transit Commission ambassador. According to the TTC, the employee was approached by the 44-year-old man, who asked for help before allegedly making inappropriate contact with the woman.

In particular, the man was accused of placing his hand in the employee’s pocket and touching her buttocks. The man left the scene, and the employee reported the incident.

The man was located by Transit Enforcement Officers at Dundas Station before he was taken into custody and charged.

The incident in question happened in early August, and the accused man pleaded guilty on Aug. 20 and was sentenced. In addition to a 45-day jail sentence, he is prohibited from riding the subway for a year and a half. He must also pay restitution in the amount of $250 to the TTC ambassador and a fine of $200.

Regardless of the circumstances of the charge, anyone accused of a sexual offence should not take the matter lightly. In addition to jail time, the consequences of a conviction could include a requirement to file as a sexual offender. To achieve a favorable outcome in such a case, accused individuals will need an effective criminal defence strategy.

Source: Toronto Star, “Man jailed and banned from subway after sexually assault TTC employee,” Kim Brown, Aug. 22, 2014

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