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Man faces drug trafficking charges — found sleeping in car

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When a person is caught completely unawares, it can make explaining the situation very difficult. And, when the consequences of the situation may result in incarceration, it’s an extremely serious matter. Just such a matter now faces a southwestern Ontario man who chose the wrong spot for a nap, and ended up with drug traffickingcharges laid against him.

Police were alerted to a suspicious vehicle in Windsor early in the morning of Oct. 21, 2016. Officers arrived to find a car stopped on Menard Street with its running lights on. An unconscious man was found draped over the steering wheel. Drugs and related paraphernalia were allegedly visible inside the car.

The officers woke up the man, and it was ascertained that he was the driver of the vehicle, at which point he was arrested and searched. More than 3.5 grams of marijuana and a large sum of cash were found on his person. A search of the car revealed 733 grams of what was believed to be cocaine, an additional 111 grams of crack, plus cell phones and more drug-related equipment. The drugs have an estimated street value of over $84,000. A 32-year old man now faces charges of impaired operation of a vehicle, drug possession and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Being found by police while allegedly in possession of drugs and drug accessories is a highly unfortunate circumstance. However, even with the presentation of a large body of evidence, there is still an opportunity to offer a defence. Anyone accused of a major crime such as drug trafficking in Ontario may wish to take their case to a local criminal law firm to make sure their day in court is as effective as possible.

Source: Toronto Sun, “Unconscious man found in car with $84Gs in drugs“, Dalson Chen, Oct. 20, 2016

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