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Man in arranged marriage charged with sexual assault of wife

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A Toronto man in an arranged marriage is on trial for allegedly assaulting his wife. He has been charged with 10 counts of sexual assault, one count of uttering threats and three counts of assault. His parents, who are also Ontario residents, are also facing charges of uttering threats, with his mother also being charged with assault. All have pleaded not guilty.

The marriage between the accused and his wife in 2015 was arranged, and his wife claims her husband forced her to have sex twice on their wedding night. Through an interpreter, the woman told the court that the situation went from bad to worse, including being raped many times and living with violence, threats and abuse — not only from her husband, but from his parents as well. The woman and her family had been living in another province when the accused invited them to Ontario. After being together for about 15 minutes, the accused asked the woman to marry him and she agreed, each giving the other a gift to seal the deal.

The woman told the court her mother-in-law allegedly slapped her for not obeying her son, and her father-in-law allegedly threatened to hang her family members upside down. She said her in-laws always took their son’s side. Allegedly, her husband became angry when she thwarted his sexual advances and would often pull her hair, slap her and leave bites marks on her body.

Sexual assault is a serious crime, and those so accused would benefit from a lawyer’s guidance. Anyone in Ontario accused of this crime has the right to mount an aggressive defense. A lawyer can provide advice and assistance to a client battling such a charge.

Source: thestar.com, “Toronto man on trial for sex assault involving arranged marriage“, Betsy Powell, Accessed on April 10, 2018

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