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Man who kissed neighbour convicted of sexual assault in Sarnia

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We’ve discussed before the fact that a person doesn’t have to commit an extremely violent act to be charged with sexual assault. Inappropriate or unwelcome sexual touching of any kind can lead to a sexual assault charge.

A 35-year-old man in Sarnia was recently convicted of sexual assault after kissing his neighbour in 2011. The case went to trial in Superior Court, and the justice hearing the case said he believed that the unwanted contact between the man and his neighbour occurred in a sexual context, and that the man used force when he put his tongue in the woman’s mouth. She was reportedly wearing a bathing suit in her house at the time, and no one else was around when the man entered the home.

Now that he has been convicted, the defendant’s name will be listed for 20 years on the sex offender registry.

In his testimony, the man said that he had been feeling down and was seeking comfort when he kissed his neighbour.

The consequences of a sexual assault conviction are very serious. Defendants face the possibility of incarceration, sex offender registration and long-term professional difficulties. Anyone accused of a sex-related crime should speak with a criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible. Each case of this kind is complex and unique, often requiring sophisticated strategies of defence.

Lawyers at Neuberger & Partners LLP are experienced in defending the rights and freedom of individuals accused of sex offences. You can learn more about our law practice by visiting our main website.

Source: Sun News Network, “Kissing neighbour equals sex assault, Ontario judge rules,” Oct. 26, 2014

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