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Many arrested in sweep of marijuana dispensaries

Readers are likely aware that medical marijuana is legal in Ontario, available from dispensaries found throughout the province. While the use of the drug in some situations may be legal, it is strictly regulated. Recently Toronto law enforcement cracked down on some retailers in Toronto. Called Project Claudia, the sweep resulted in approximately 90 arrests. In the course of the arrests the following was seized:
  • More than 269 kilograms of dried cannabis
  • Around 30 kilograms of cannabis resin
  • 24 kilograms of cannabis hash
  • More than 27 kilograms of marijuana/THC pills
  • 24 grams of cocaine
  • Approximately $160,000 in cash
In addition, edibles, sodas and liquids were also found in the 45 dispensaries.A total of 257 charges were laid in the case, 71 of which were related to the cash that was seized. The other 186 charges were under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. According to Toronto’s Police Chief, concern regarding the health of dispensaries’ patrons, the lack of regulation regarding the potency of edibles as well as complaints from residents in the area prompted the raids. It is possible that other dispensaries in the city could face the same fate.Just because charges were laid against people with ties to these dispensaries does not mean that they will be convicted. Particularly in situations such as this one when many people are arrested at once, it is possible people might be accused of things that they in fact did not do. Since the consequences for a conviction can be serious, it is vital that a criminal defence lawyer be contacted sooner rather than later.

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