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Marijuana manufacturer’s crop seized by law enforcement

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As we discussed a few weeks ago, the federal medical marijuana laws have been changing, which has been quite confusing for both patients, as well as providers. It is not just patients who can get in trouble if they are not in strict compliance with the medical marijuana laws. If a grower, producer or manufacturer isn’t following the letter of the law, the individuals involved in the business could face trafficking charges. The problem is, with the lack of clarity on just what is and what is not legal, it is increasingly difficult for patients and producers to comply with the rules.

It may even be that law enforcement is not sure what is legal anymore. It turns out that the first publicly traded marijuana manufacturer, based out of Smiths Falls, Ontario, had its product seized by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The company had been trying to be aboveboard about the whole transaction, even inviting the RCMP to view the shipment when it arrived from British Columbia. Instead, law enforcement took the marijuana.

The company, Tweed Inc., was licensed under previous medical marijuana laws, but it does not appear that it lost their license under the new rules by Health Canada. Although Health Canada had approved Tweed’s purchase of marijuana and the business is only looking at the seizure as a delay, it is not entirely clear why the RCMP took the drugs to begin with.

While many of us in Ontario would assume that the drug laws are relatively clear, that is not always the case. Instead, there are many people who find themselves in criminal trouble for actions they believed to be legal.

Source: The Huffington Post, “RCMP Seizes Marijuana Headed For Canada’s First Publically-Traded Grower,” April 6, 2014

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